Sunday, January 22, 2012

Restaurant Week: Halls Chophouse

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was very nice. J and I had a date night with Kaylin on Friday. Saturday, I took Body Step, ran errands, VOTED, and then we went to Halls Chophouse for restaurant week. I’ve written a few posts about Grill 225, one of the other steak restaurants in Charleston that both Josh and I love (and I don’t even eat steak). After hearing rave reviews about Hall’s, we knew we had to give it a try (Christina has given Halls a lot of props).

We got all dressed up for the event. Kaylin wore an adorable Ralph Lauren outfit (that girl has way better clothes than me Winking smile):


Walking into the restaurant, you’re instantly greeted by the Halls family (very warmly- hand shakes, hugs, etc). We also heard the chatter of many dinner guests (the place was PACKED) and piano music. The restaurant is two floors and is stuffed full of tables to accommodate the many guests (maybe packed a little too tightly). The lighting is very dim, so a lot of my pictures are stinky (sorrrry!)


At our table, a few people went for the restaurant week menu, and a few of us ordered off the regular menu. Delicious drinks were also ordered. I got a diet coke, which was served from a mini glass bottle:


The waitress brought a basket of sourdough bread to the table, which was yummy, but doesn’t compare to the amazing bread basket at 225. They have a variety of salad offerings. Christina lovessssss the beet salad. A few at our table got the wedge salad that came with a giant piece of bacon and reminded me of something Jessica would love. This salad got rave reviews:


Josh got a Caesar that was a little meh. The dressing was very mustardy (which Josh isn’t a fan of). I actually liked the dressing and their croutons:


I got the simple greens salad (mixed field greens, goat cheese, pecans, tomatoes and a sherry honey vinaigrette). I’m a huge sherry fan, loved the dressing.  Maybe some day I will edit my pictures before posting them haha:


The table also got three appetizers that I didn’t get pictures of: calamari, oysters rockefeller & a fried green tomato salad. They all got the thumbs up. I think the fried green tomatoes was the most popular.

For dinner, Josh got a filet and I got a crab cake. They place the crab cake on top of a salad which contains walnuts. It was a tasty crab cake, but seemed to contain a lot of filler. I also disliked the sauce on the outside…:


Josh liked how his filet was simply prepared, but again prefers Grill 225. The highlight of the meal…which sadly was not photographed…was the sides! The pepper jack grits were out of this world. I would come back to the restaurant for the grits alone. The table also really liked the lobster macaroni and cheese, but I wasn’t a fan…tasted like bacon to me Winking smile.

Overall, I think Halls has some great dishes. However,I think our hearts still belong to Grill 225.

Kaylin slept through most of dinner and even pulled the blanket over her face near the end Winking smile


What did you eat this weekend?

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