Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 Questions

I’ve been slacking (again) on cooking up new dishes (sticking to old favorites). I did try Maria’s amazing potato soup (sans feta since Josh isn’t a fan) on Sunday and absolutely loved it!. BUT, no pictures. So, I decided to play along with the 20 questions post a couple of my favorite bloggers have done.

1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday?

  • Gym! Either a nice run outdoors or Body Step
  • Brunch at one of my favorite spots
  • If its summer, going to the beach or pool. If its winter, watching a movie or college football
  • Lots of time with Josh, Kaylin & Frank
  • Easy dinner at home

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.

  • White Collar
  • Suits
  • Junk on Bravo (Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, Millionaire Matchmaker…you name it. I know you’re with me Julie)

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them?

  • I think I like both equally. I love to take pictures to capture memories & places, but I think its important to celebrate yourself through pictures too! I definitely love to look back at pictures of myself at different times in my life. 

Week 24

4) Why do you blog?

  • To have a place to store and share recipes
  • To have a place to document whats going on in my life (I think it will be awesome to look back at later on)
  • To meet other wonderful bloggers

Weeeekend 020

5) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list who would it be?

  • I don’t twitter or really facebook either…I know, how do I survive?

6) List a few of your favorite snacks.

  • Apples & nut/seed butter
  • Rice cakes & nut/seed butter
  • Baby carrots and mustard (yup)
  • Smoothies


7) Share five websites that you visit regularly…

  • Google
  • Google Reader
  • Fox News
  • My company's internal website
  • Time card website for the company I work for (lame Winking smile).

8) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?

  • Franklin Beans, English Bulldog


9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?

  • Computer
  • Car
  • Phone (I think these three are everyone's staples)

10) What’s your favorite drink?

  • Coffee-specifically soy mistos from Starbucks

Weeeekend 014

11) Do you enjoy cooking?

  • I am assuming this question set didn’t start on a food blog….

12) Do you have children?

  • 1 peanut! Kaylin


13) What are your favorite hobbies?

  • Teaching group fitness classes
  • Running
  • Baking & cooking


14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?

  • I’d say I’m right smack dab in the middle

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

  • I’m not a big fan of this question- all the little things make me, me! I guess if I’d have to choose, I’d want my hair to be the same color it was when I was younger. Trips to the salon are fun, but expensive Winking smile.

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress?

  • actor: Marky Mark
  • actress: Reese!

17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?

  • The coolest things: Taken care of Kaylin, played trivia at Mellow Mushroom & taught some kick butt classes at the gym

18) Do you live near your family or far from them?

  • Close to some:


  • Far from others:Weeeekend 002

19) List three of your talents.

  • I think I’m a pretty decent group fitness instructor
  • Making cookies
  • Changing a diaper Winking smile haha…jk…I’ve just been doing a lot of that recently

20) What is your greatest attribute?

  • I always try to do as much as I can for those that are important to me


Happy Wednesday!

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