Friday, June 3, 2011

Chicken Ricotta Meatballs in Broth

Sometimes I see recipes on other blogs that I instantly fall in love with and know I’m going to make. THIS is one of those recipes. Ricotta chicken meatballs? How delicious does that sound? And sitting in broth? What a simple and delicious meal!  I followed this recipe almost exactly, but made smaller meatballs (around 40). I made the meatballs in the broth ahead of time:



and reheated the pot later, adding in spinach.


I served the dish with garlic bread rolls & pineapple:


Super tasty.

I also drool over Jessica’s dishes on a daily basis. Not only is Jessica an awesome cook & baker, she is hilarious! When I saw her Buffalo Chicken Pasta, I knew I wanted to make it…but lighten it up a bit. Soon after, I saw The Healthy Apron’s version and put it on my to make list. I did make two changes: 1. I used all 2% milk vs. 2% and almond (I only had unsweetened VANILLA almond milk….I don’t think that would have jived), 2. I used cheddar and mozzarella (vs. cheddar and monteray jack). The outcome:




Are you having a good week so far? Mine has been great. A few things I’ve been enjoying:

1. Josh’s Mom & Sister were in town. Josh’s parents purchased a house very close to ours and we celebrated it up (ok, well I watched them celebrate it up with champagne). Champagne in solo cups? Very classy:


2. I got my toes done. It was heaven:


3. I had another good doctors appointment this week and Josh’s Mom and Sister got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

4. Frank:


Weekend plans? My plans are a little up in the air but am hoping to go to Body Step tomorrow, spend time in the sun, go on a date with the man, and brunch on Sunday with Lindsay (formerly of Pancakes N Pajamas) and her fiancée!

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Janetha @ meals + moves said...

smooshy frank face! that's the best! glad you have been enjoying yourself lately, getting a pedi is always nice!! Jessica's recipes never fail. Love your version.