Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes You Win...

Wednesday! The halfway point always feels so good. How has your week been treating you? Mine has been good, but busy! The peanut has also been rolling herself into a tight ball multiple times at night, waking me up in pain! I need more naps in my life :)

I haven't made anything too new or exciting yet this week, but I did have some winning re-makes and one loser re-mix. First up, Monday night I made artichoke, spinach & pesto wonton lasagna. This dish seriously rocks! We have leftovers and I plan to eat them for dinner later this week.

I attempted a sun butter granola bar by adjusting my usual go to granola bar recipe. It turned out just kind of meh.

Tuesday night was a busy one! For a quick, go-to dinner, I made breakfast baked potatoes. Josh had a traditional white potato topped with egg, artichokes & cheese:

I had a sweet potato topped with egg and ketchup:

and we both had delicious cantaloupe on the side. I love this dinner!

Whats been your go-to dinner as of late?

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Anonymous said...

That lasagna sounds delish! Tonight we're having spinach artichoke 'lasagna' made with tortillas. I'm so wishing I had pesto to add to it! Hope you get some rest soon :)