Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend & Pregnancy Update- Week 33


Wonderful weekend! What have you been up to? Friday we went to dinner with my parents. I didn’t capture many pictures, except of this sign at the restaurant (love the saying):


Saturday was a little go go go, but in a good way. I met Amelia at the gym and we took Body Step and then I taught Pump. After, we headed to Sullivan’s Island. Our original plan was to get lunch from the Co-op, a new spot with both local groceries (fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, pastas, etc) and sandwiches/salads:




Since they didn’t have any tables, we decided to go to Poe’s instead:


I got the Tavern Salad with Chicken.


Catching up with Amelia was awesome! She is an amazing cook & baker and brought Josh and I some of her cookies to try. She included a double chocolate, key lime (with white chocolate and macadamia nuts), meringue with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and chocolate meringues. Delicious!


The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing yard work and I spent a bit of time at the pool. Night time was more relaxed/low key!

Pregnancy Update: Week 33-


No VLOG this week (sorrryyyyy)! My week was pretty hectic and I just never got around to filming it.  Starting to feel rather round haha. Sleep has been getting a little tougher- she kicks a lot a night and rolls herself into a tight little ball. I’m trying to find a way to work a nap into my day to alleviate a little of the sleep deprivation. Otherwise, all is well! Josh and I (mostly Josh) installed the car seat base this week and started on painting her room. Any questions?? Let me know!

Also, I am guest posting over at Healthy Coconut today- check it out!

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