Monday, June 27, 2011

The Baby Room

I know I said I’d only do baby posts on Sundays…….but this deserves its own special post! As I mentioned in my previous post, Josh’s family was in town for part of the weekend. His sister, Jenny, is an amazing artist and offered to paint the baby room as a present to us. Once we picked the beachy theme, she went to work. Check out this AMAZING work:

A large & small Adirondack chair and palm tree with a coconut (the coconut was Josh’s request Winking smile):



And on the other side, a bucket, shells, and an umbrella. Underneath the umbrella are little Frank paw prints (hard to see in the picture, but they look awesome in person)!





Just AMAZING! Jenny also wants to paint a sandcastle on one of the other walls and have the baby’s name (uh, once we pick one….) written in the sand! So cool. Thank you Jenny! You are best!

Frank is a little confused as to what this new room is all about…



Are you artistic? I have like zero artistic talent- I’m SO amazed by people that can paint and draw!!

Anything exciting going on for you this week? We have our Body Step launch on Thursday and Josh and I are taking baby boot camp on Tuesday Smile

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Candice said...

oh my heck! that is perfect!! I love it!