Monday, June 6, 2011

LOVE-ly Sunday & A Local Dinner

Hi guys :) Thank you (as always) for the sweet comments on my pregnancy update. Did y’all have a nice Sunday? Ours was lovely! We started off the day with brunch at Charleston’s Cafe with Lindsay (formerly of Pancakes N Pajamas) and her fiancée (who is a wonderful guy!). I changed things up and got an egg beaters omelet with spinach, tomatoes and broccoli. I ate about half of this and all of my whole wheat biscuit. The rest was enjoyed at home later in the day. Deliciousness!!IMG_2292

After brunch, I did housework and then Josh and I headed out for a longggg and hot walk. It was Andrew’s  last night staying with us (Josh’s friend from PA), so we invited Josh’s other friend (Jeremy )over for dinner and I made the boys up a very local dinner. Local peaches (which were grilled up):


Green beans and jalapenos from our garden, tossed with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, grilled in foil:


And local chorizo on hot dog buns.  Josh’s plate with TJs bbq chips:IMG_2295 

I also put out some homemade cookies. I opted for the remainder of my brunch, grilled peaches (amazing),  green beans and cookies.

Something else we’ve been enjoying? Love Grown granola!! The wonderful people at Love Grown sent us some samples and I am obsessed (disclaimer: we received this granola for free)!

IMG_2118 According to the Love Grown website:

“Love Grown Foods is a company that was formed to create delicious foods made with pure and simple ingredients that ALSO encourages you to live a healthy and active lifestyle that you love. We are founded on the beliefs that you should be able to pronounce every ingredient in a product and that food should be nutritious and healthy while also tasting great!”

I have tried a lot of “healthy” granolas and this one definitely wins in both flavor and consistency. Check out these chunks:


We sampled three flavors, Cocoa Goodness, Raisin Almond Crunch and Sweet Cranberry Pecan.


The cocoa goodness was my favorite, with the raisin almond crunch close behind. I liked the sweet cranberry pecan, but it was a little on the sweet side for me ;). My favorite way to eat this granola (other than right out of the bag ;))? Mixed with Greek yogurt:


Definitely try this granola out! Thank you Love Grown!!

Anything exciting going on this week? No real exciting plans here. Usual work, teaching (subbing a couple extra classes), cooking & baking!

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