Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween & Goals Update

November! So crazy that its November already. Anyone with me? I can’t even start to wrap my ahead around Christmas shopping. I got nervous about this when I got a red cup from Starbucks on Tuesday:


Did you have a good Halloween? I hope so! Ours started off a little rocky. As I previously mentioned, Sunday morning, I started to feel sick. By Sunday night I had a full blown bug and was getting sick throughout the night. I couldn’t even sit up to feed Kaylin. Lucky for me, I have a WONDERFUL husband who helped me a ton. He stayed home from work Monday to nurse me back to health and to help take care of Kaylin.


By noonish on Monday, I was starting to feel better. We took Kaylin to her doctors appointment where she got measured, weighed, and got shots. She is in the 76th percentile for length/height! Clearly, she’s taking after Josh in this aspect Winking smile.

We had a GREAT Halloween. We dressed up as a Mickey Mouse family:



and we had friends over and enjoyed some Chickfila:




Then we got slammed with trick or treaters. We gave out five Costco size bags of candy and also gave out beers to the parents from our keggerator. It was a blast.

And for my monthly goals update:


  • Get at least 75 grams of Protein a Day- I am still doing pretty well on this one. I’m slipping on my AM protein a bit, so I need to get back in check
  • Drink more water!  At least 80 ounces/day (extra is required for breast feeding & working out) Still meeting/exceeding!
  • Eat more complete meals, less random snacking SLACKED in October, getting back on it!
  • Lose remaining pregnancy weight gain by Thanksgiving – I am still needing to lose about 5 lbs…I made pretty much 0 progress in October. I am adjusting my workouts…and random snacking. No excuses….


  • Start teaching Body Pump and Body Step or Attack by the end of September –Met in September, Continued in October
  • Slowly increase Body Pump weight back to pre-pregnancy totals by end of December . Increased my squat, back & chest weight in September, bumped up warm up, triceps and lunges in October, almost back to pre-pregnancy totals
  • Focus on increasing running endurance- complete the two races I signed up for in October DONE!
  • Take a Bikram yoga class Not yet


  • Stress less about the little things- enjoy every moment with Kaylin! I think I really made strides on this in October. My favorite thing to do with Kaylin is go for walks or just make her laugh- especially when Josh joins in the fun!
  • Make sure Kaylin gets in tummy time and a book reading every day. Doing great!
  • Continue to meal plan and cook nutritious meals at least 5 of 7 nights a week. Rocking it!
  • Get back to work work (mid September) Yup!
  • Purchase furniture for new screened in porch and living room I spoke too soon on this one in September. We did get our porch furniture, but we’re still looking for living room furniture
  • Pick out paint color and paint two walls downstairs Not yet
  • Make weekend “dates” to see friends. YES!
  • Have a “date night” in or out with Josh (and Kaylin) at least once a week. Doing better than September on this one…but still slacking a bit. 

My main goals moving forward are to drop the excessive snacking and finish off this weight loss! I also need to work on the house decorations more.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Reminder (sorry!): And, If you have a minute…Remember how Josh and I went on our babymoon in Jamaica? We stayed (for the second time) at a resort we LOVE- Secrets! I just entered a contest to win a free trip back to a Secrets resort. You can vote for my babymoon bump photo here. You can vote once a day (so I may be posting annoying reminders for a while) Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

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