Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Changes & Football Food: Mini Meatball Soup

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…we’re halfway there (a la Living on a Prayer).

How has your week been? Good stuff over here- just busy! Speaking of busy, I have felt like things have been a little out of control lately. I fall into the trap of overcommitting on a regular basis (as I’m sure many of you do too), and I’m starting to really feel it.  Given this, I will probably only be posting 3 times a week now (vs. 4) and commenting only a couple days a week (vs. daily). I know I don’t “have” to announce this, but I wanted to! Hope you all understand Smile

Moving right along! Football food was done on Monday night this week vs. Sunday. The Eagles were on and we needed some delicious grub to go with the game. I have made Aggie’s meatball soup many times and just love it to bits. Its super easy to make and tasty. I added some homemade arnolds thin croutons on top and cheese on Josh’s. Josh’s Mom also joined us for part of the game and brought along a bundle of fruit to eat with our soup:



We have some big plans for later this week, so you probably won’t hear from me until Monday! Enjoy the rest of your week- anything you’re looking forward to?

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