Monday, November 28, 2011

Buy Local & Family Pictures

Hello All! How was the rest of your holiday weekend? Ours was very nice! Lots of family time, a couple of great workouts (taught pump & ran), and more yummy eats!

Before I show you a few of the pictures from our family photo shoot, I wanted to tell you about an awesome card I recently received (disclaimer: I sent Lowcountry Local First a donation, but received this card for free)- the Buy Local Lowcountry Local First card.  According to Lowcountry local first, the card:

“gives people discounts at tons of locally-owned businesses all over town. This card program is designed to be a win for everyone: the local business gets more customers and return business, the customer gets amazing discounts, and our organization receives some of the funding to help recover costs and sustain our program.”

We have SO many amazing local companies and restaurants in the Lowcountry that I was more than excited to support this effort! I’m most excited to use my card at the following businesses:

More info about the card (according to Lowcountry Local):

Where people can get the cards:

  • Buy Local cards are sold in various local businesses around town. Check out our online business directory here. You can filter by Buy Local card sellers and/or Buy Local deals to see where the cards are sold and accepted. The cards cost $20 and the proceeds are split 50/50 between Lowcountry Local First (LLF) and that business. 
  • There are also a few schools in the area selling the cards as a fundraiser. They also split the proceeds with LLF.
  • Or, people can buy the card directly from LLF at the downtown farmers markets on Saturdays or in our Buy Local Mom and Pop-up Shop at 359 King St (until December 15).

Where you can use the card:

  • Check the online business directory (link above). Our members are adding deals each day! Our goal is to get over 200 local businesses offering deals by the end of the year and we are well on our way.

Other goings on:

  • Buy Local month continues until December 15th and people can check out our Buy Local headquarters at 359 King street. We're calling it our Mom and Pop-Up shop :) and have 20 local vendors/businesses set up to sell their goods and spread the word about their shops. We're having many events at the shop throughout the next few weeks - the primary event being the Buy Local Bash on December 1st. You can check out the events here

A few weeks ago, we had our pictures taken by Lee at Crescent Moon Photography. Lee is my neighbor and takes some of the cutest family pictures! I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorites:





We already used them to make our Christmas card! I can’t wait to get them and send them out! Thank you Lee!!

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Candice said...

SOO CUTE!! I love fam pictures!! We are getting ours next sat!