Monday, October 20, 2008

V8 Broccoli Soup, Vegi Pasta, Food list

Hello :) How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good, a little frustrating at work because I have a major deliverable due tomorrow! At work today, I tried the V8 Garden Broccoli soup. I really enjoyed it! It doesn't have the spice of the Southwestern corn, but it has a very comforting taste! I added corn in for a little more substance. Yum Yum. After work, I walked to the gym, did 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical, took body pump, then ran home. I was sooooo hungry when I got home that I couldn't wait to make dinner. I cooked up the squash we picked up at the farmers market and some broccoli. I also made up some whole wheat pasta. I mixed the two together with tomato sauce and a little bit of cheese. It was very yummy (on a side note, I had cooked up some shrimp to add but it tasted a little...fishy so I decided to toss it. I don't take chances with food!

I promised earlier this week that I'd post my weekly food list, so here it is! My list covers 7 days of breakfast/lunch and six nights of dinner. At the end of the list, I have posted the dinners that come out of the ingredients and I also indicate if I already had some of the ingredients on hand (i.e. I didn't need to buy them at the stores):
Grocery List:

Bag of Broccoli
3 packs of stir fry vegis
Frozen Vegis

Packaged/Canned Items:
2 cans low sodium chicken broth
2 bottles pasta sauce
2 cans black beans
Can of Pineapple in Pineapple juice
Tuna-chunk light in H20 (for the husband)
Whole wheat pasta
Whole wheat goldfish (for Josh’s lunches)
Frozen Blackberries
Whole wheat sun chips (for Josh’s lunches)
Kashi bars
Protein bars (z/cliff/balance)
Oats (old fashioned
Chocolate Chips
Shredded coconut
Bbq sauce

Ground Turkey
Chicken Sausage
Lunch Meat (Josh)

Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1% organic milk
Chobanis and large tub vanilla yogurt
Low fat ice cream treats
Eggs or Egg beaters

Solo cups
Nail File
Dryer Sheets
Dog Food/treats
Diet soda (for Josh’s lunches)
2 rolls (for soup)
Loaf of bread

For dinners:
Potato/Broccoli soup with rolls
Chicken (already had)/vegi stir fry with quinoa (already had)
Shrimp, Squash pasta
Black bean soup with cheese quesadillas (had tortillas)
Sausage, pineapple, vegis
Turkey meatballs with spinach salad


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Monday was.... a typical Monday, haha ;0)

Mmm, love the vegetable pasta and groceries!!

Unknown said...

that is a hefty grocery list! that what ours looks like when the hubby is home, otherwise it's protein bars, fruit, veggies and dog treats :D
the pasta dish looks wonderful!
hope you have a great night!

HangryPants said...

I love pasta dishes like this! It's like the perfect meal.

Anonymous said...

yum! i still can't find these v8 soups anywhere but as soon as i do i cant wait to try them :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Mondays, one down, four to go! I bought the V8 tomatoe soupd the other day, can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your fabulous list! It reminds me of mine in the sense that there are always Rob's foods...and then there are mine.
The luxury of being a man! :)
You noticed how much I LOVE plums! I think because they're such a good size and easy to take to work.
OH! And I meant to tell you that I got those boots at Zappos!
I have about six more pairs of shoes I want but I have to pace myself or my hubcap will get annoyed. :)

Unknown said...

great pasta dish, I've made one like that quite a few times! :)

Becca said...

I need to start making lists when I grocery shop again. Thanks for sharing!

Bridget said...

Oooo I like this idea! I think when Brian and I move it we will do the big shopping trips, now I just go whenever I need stuff, but I like your idea of planning out exactly what to cook!

Trying To Heal said...

what a grocery list! i'd love to see a picture of that haul!!!!

and that dish looks so great!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the spiral pasta in the soup - yum!

I sometimes add V8 spicy to my taco soup recipe.

Esi said...

Is this your weekly list? I think my mid month list looks like that, but then again, I only cook for one.

Zesty Cook said...

This looks like a great meal... very hearty. I am all for that.. good job!


Holly said...

You are SO good to categorize! I always put my stuff down randomly, but then inevitably I always forget something and get really mad at myself. :-)

BTW - I tried the V8 Butternut Squash soup - so good! I bought the corn one to try, too. It is perfect because it is gettin' so chilly here!

Maria said...

The veggie pasta looks great! I am always in the mood for it. You are the workout queen! I exercise every day, but you go above and beyond! Good for you!

lauren said...

love the veggie pasta! and I really liked seeing your grocery list - gives me some good ideas!

Anonymous said...

That vegetable pasta looks scrumptious! And I'm glad you enjoyed the V8 soup - I'll have to pick some up!

Thank you for posting your awesome grocery list! It's always enjoyable to see what others are putting into their cart each week :o) Yours is filled with great stuff!

Jenn said...

I love that you included "miscellaneous items." Too cute. :)

chandra said...

I bought the V8 Southwestern Corn soup last night and I can't wait to try it!! :)

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