Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starting to feel settled :)

A relaxing Sunday :) I mostly caught up on blogging, got some coffee, searched for recipes, watched football, cooked, and relaxed :) First, I made a batch of Suite Apple Pie's Granola. I used chopped walnuts instead of almonds.

I spent a lot of time today laying around with this guy....

I wanted to show you a picture of the one room in our temporary apartment that has become our bedroom, living room, and dinning room....

For dinner tonight, I made black bean and corn and chicken quesadillas. I like to make a huge plate so Josh has leftovers!

How was your Sunday? Are you guys dressing up this Halloween? We got invited to a party at one of our future neighbors houses. I want to go in a creative couple's costume- anyone have any ideas? Also, have you ever made a recipe that you thought was just fabulous and really wanted someone else to try it? I am thinking about doing a week where I make recipes sent to me by other bloggers. If you have something you want me to try- let me know in the comments!!!!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

So glad that you're feeling "more at home" now; and hooray for making granola, quesadillas, and spending time with Frank :0)

Sunday was pretty relaxing; but right now I'm trying to finish up a paper (I'm working on the conclusion though already - whoo hoo!!).

No dressing up for Halloween - just celebrating both my brother's AND sister-in-law's birthdays, and watching my favorite horror films :0)

Sarah said...

Hi friend, I made granola today too :-)

I'm glad the move went alright, and I'm sure you can't wait to get into your permanent place. Frank looks darling in the pictures.

I have a chef's outfit to wear to work on Halloween, but no party for us- it's the end of the quarter for Ray's company so we'll be staying in. However, we'll be handing out TONS of candy because we live in a big neighborhood with lots of kids. So we probably won't have time to miss a party :-)

HangryPants said...

I'll have to think about something I really want you to try. Maybe the BBQ Tofu & Apples I made. You can use chicken. You should definitely go to the party to meet people. Yay!

Oh, and I am glad to hear that your Aunt was able to beat her breast cancer. It's remarkable how many people know someone who have or had breast cancer.

Anonymous said...

You guys have made the best of your one bedroom. I'm impressed!
Couples costumes...have you done Olive Oyl and Popeye?
Hi Frank! I love you!
I'm thinking of going as Bret Michaels from Poison/Rock of Love. I just need to find a party!

Jenn said...

I can never get enough Frank pics. :)

That's a cool idea about the recipes! I just made pumpkin pancakes tonight and they were really good...but maybe that isn't hard enough for you? hehe. :)

Trying To Heal said...

hi puppy! what a face!

glad the move is going well and settling and you've organized the space you have so well!

and i'm not much for halloween...i have a party to go to...but don't know that i will. but every year i'm usually a chef; or a throw on a robe, grab a remote, put some curlers in my hair and be a coach potato. LOL

Anonymous said...

so glad that you're feeling more settled in! the granola looks delicious and i just love frank :D
sunday was glorious but now i'm back in valdosta, ready to spend the week working and studying. at least the weekend was wonderful!
i wanted to get a costume for halloween, but since the hubby is gone i think it's pointless to spend money on something. so i'm going to wear a red tutu and be a ballerina :D
hope you enjoy the rest of your night!

Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling more settled! That can sometimes take a while, but I'm glad it's happening for you sooner rather than later!!

I love the big plate of quesadillas :o) And the granola looks awesome.

I'm thinking about dressing up for Halloween, but I have no idea what I would dress up as! I'll keep thinking of a couple idea for you, too ;o)

I love the idea of you cooking up some of the blogging world's best recipes!

Esi said...

Seriously, your dog is so adorable! Glad to see your getting adjusted to your new/temporary place!

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

flying to philly on friday of halloween, so i'd like to surprise the fianz by showing up in a funny costume. maybe i'll steal erin's idea and be a couch potato? or ????

re: recipes... how about you try one of mine and i try one of yours? i have been trying to test out other bloggers' recipes but it is hard! why don't you try my autumn stewed zucchini, and email me the recipe you want me to try!