Friday, June 14, 2013

Kiddo & Cookies

Happy Friday! I’m so glad its the weekend. Josh has been on travel all week and we cannot wait to have him back home. Few pictures of the kiddo from this week:

She decided she loves cauliflower & carrots-


and Daddy (Happy Father’s day Josh!!):


our new favorite snack is rice cakes and peanut butter. When Kaylin gets bored of the rice cake, she licks the peanut butter off ;). Rice cake cheers:


After being awesome while I was getting some shopping done, I decided Kay deserved a new toy, pooh ball:


This week has been a little non-stop. I taught 7 classes between Monday-Friday, worked, and had the usual at home responsibilities (baby, dog, cleaning, etc). Kay also had her second gymnastics class. She did much better this week (she was super scared the first week). Her favorite thing to do is “cartwheels” over the mat.

We also got in some great time outside. I love SC:


and of course, baked! I made Maria’s GF vegan banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies:


and I picked up a few new-to-me Quest products:


Off to prep dinner then go swimming. This weekend we have brunch and BBQ plans to celebrate Father’s day. A big happy father’s day to my dad and Josh’s dad too! What are you up to??

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