Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wonderful Weekend (& a Peach Bake)

How is everyone? Things around here are going great. We are having a relatively quiet Sunday, which is awesome.

As for the whole weekend, I taught in the morning on Friday and then took Kaylin to Gymboree with her friend Ryan for the first time:


She was a little overwhelmed, but seemed to have a good time. Friday night, we had an amazing dinner at Grill 225. Our wonderful friends Amelia & Kevin watched Kaylin so we could enjoy adult time with Josh’s parents.  We had lots of delicious food including a spinach salad, my favorite orange/soy Brussels & Josh couldn’t visit 225 without a filet:

 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157

Saturday morning, Kaylin woke up and was covered in hives. We got her to the pediatrician for meds, looks like she has an allergy to some sort of detergent or perfume or something environmentally that she came in contact with. She is doing much better now! In other crazy news, my car overheated, so we ended up at the mechanic too. PHEW!

Once everything/everyone was doing better, I got started on prep for a dinner party we were having on Saturday night and snuck in a run. I made a peach bake using my strawberry bake recipe. I sliced up fresh SC peaches and placed them as the middle layer. It turned out great!!:


I forgot to take pictures of everything else until we were already eating (whoops).  I made black bean:


and spicy beef burgers:


Toppings (lettuce, tomato, avocado and un-pictured onion and pickles):


My friends brought a delicious kale salad from Whole Foods:

IMG_4164 and homemade pasta salad:


I also cut up watermelon and made un-pictured chocolate chip cookies:


We had a blast! Its so fun to dine with other families who have little kids. We all kind of just talk louder over the craziness :).

Sunday morning, Kay and I went for a quick run and then we headed out to breakfast with Josh and his dad. We went to Honeycomb and had the SLOWEST service ever. Although I love the food at Honeycomb….I just don’t think we will ever go there again. The service has been TERRIBLE 5 out of the 6 times we’ve been there….Bummer!

The rest of our Sunday has been filled with errands and snacks:


Tell me about your weekend!!!

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