Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two of My Favorite Cookie Recipes

How was your weekend? Ours was packed with all kinds of good stuff! On Friday, in between my to dos, I fit in an awesome bridge walk with Kaylin & my friend Amelia:


Since Josh’s birthday is on Tuesday (Happy birthday Joshers!!), I decided we’d celebrate all weekend long. He had a massage on Saturday and lunch with his family. He also helped me make Kaylin’s Valentine’s based on this amazing idea:



Saturday night was the “big” birthday celebration. Josh’s parents watched Kaylin for the night while we dined and stayed in the city. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot which was fantastic. The rooms are more on the modern side:


Once we checked in, we walked around town for a bit. We stopped at my favorite candy store so I could get a little bag of my favorite candies (gummy raspberries & blackberries):



We dined at our favorite Charleston restaurant, Grill 225.




SUCH a fantastic night.

Grill 225 on Urbanspoon 

On Sunday morning, we walked around looking for somewhere to have breakfast. A lot of the restaurants were closed (it was early), but we stumbled upon this adorable bakery:




Everyone who worked at the bakery was super friendly. We tried their yogurt/fruit/granola combo:


You can’t see the granola, but it was yummy. I also got a soy latte. Delicious:


I wanted to nab one of these delicious looking sugar cookies, but decided it was a little early.


Whisk on Urbanspoon

The rest of my Sunday involved doing things around the house, going for a run with Kaylin, and baking cookies to bring into Josh’s work for his birthday. Two of my favorites:


1. Caroline’s double chocolate chunk cookies:


2. Chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough balls (not sure why they look purple in this picture ;)).


Tell me one thing you did this weekend!!


Christina said...

too early for cookies!?!? girl, please!!! hahah just kidding. y'all are so stinking cute!!!

lesleylivinglife said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! Week long (or more) celebrations are always the best :)

Kerr said...

I went to two barre classes and a doggie birthday party!

Brittany Dahn said...

Looks like such an awesome weekend. I seriously need to get to Grill 225....actually I need to get GREG to take me! haha. I got a new car this weekend! YAY!

onannasplate said...

Glad the cards turned out cute!! Happy birthday to Josh-- a night in downtown Charleston sounds awesome!

Amelia said...

Your weekend looks like it turned out so fun! I think we should meet for coffee or maybe one of those sugar cookies at Whisk soon. I love the ones with sprinkles. :)

Heather Englund said...

Yay so much fun! Glad you guys got a night to your selves. One thing we did... today practiced my turbokick for an audition tomorrow morning.... eeeekkkk!!

janetha said...

yay! happy birthday to your man!

Heather said...

Sounds like a super fun night out!!!!
We have been painting our living room and foyer - took most of the day both Saturday and Sunday. Not so fun, but I love the color change!

Claire said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I kept K while D was on call and we went to a friend's 4th bday party, shopped, went to church and made muffins....because K "dreamed we made we need to make muffins!" :-)

Singerinkitchen said...

What a great weekend! Lots of yummy foodie stops?

julie said...

purple dough balls!!!!!!!!!!! hahah

happy ALMOST birthday to josh! he looks like a glowing happy man in his birthday pic :) you're such a good wifey! never too early for sugar cookies hahah but i love love love sprinkled sugar cookies - i could use that as a mid-morning pick me up right about now! btw i'm so jealous you're sleeveless! i was sleeveless for like 50 seconds AFTER shoveling 1,200 feet of snow this weekend! not fun. enjoy your monday lady xoxo

NewWeighofLife said...

OMG that's such a cute v-day idea!! Happy almost b-day to Josh!! This weekend we bundled the little guy up and took him outside to play in the snow. He loved it!

Biz said...

Such a cute idea about the feet shaped like a heart! Love it! And hooray for a grown up night - Happy Birthday to your hubs!!

Taylor Ryan said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! We love Grill225! And it's never too early for a cookie!

Blond Duck said...

Those cute little feet don't scare me. :) I went to a writing conference!

itzyskitchen said...

You must go! If you do- let me know- I'll tell you which server to request. CONGRATS ON THE CAR!!

Lisa Grant said...

Happy birthday to Josh! Love the little feet Valentine's day cards!

Blond Duck said...

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Faith said...

Oh my gosh, Kaylin's Valentine is the cutest thing ever!! I sounds like it was the perfect weekend, I'm so glad you had a chance to spend some time with your honey!

Kalli and Bill said...

what a fabulous overnight adventure! glad you guys had fun :) i am thinking we need an overnighter for my upcoming bday too!

Renee@Mykitchenadventures said...

Happy Birthday to Josh! I am going to have to try that chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've seen it around the blogsphere. They say the bread flour makes all the difference in it!

Velva-Tomatoes on the Vine said...

What a great weekend! Thanks for sharing it.

Kerstin - Cake, Batter, & Bowl said...

Those are the cutest VDay cards ever - I'm totally stealing that idea next year :)