Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Things (Vegan Chickpea Soup)

How was your weekend? Ours was really nice. We had a lot of time together as a family (love) and I got in some great teaching time at the gym. I also had a wonderful coffee/shopping date with my friend Amelia. She recommended these delicious little broccoli bites:


These are SO yummy! And they’re not breaded. They have sweet potato and spinach bites too- trying both out soon! Dr. Praeger’s makes great in a pinch food!

Kaylin’s Aunt Jenny & Mimi purchased her new outfits. They got them from an awesome store called Crazy 8. Kaylin loves animals on her clothes. Here she is modeling a few of the new outfits:



This one says Cutiesaurus.


Thanks Jenny & Mimi!!

I re-made one of my favorite recipes for vegan chickpea soup (made with cashew cream). I used a combination of yellow squash and corn instead of all corn- SO good! This one has cheese on top so…its not exactly vegan, but definitely delicious:


Do you have today off or are you working? I am not working my “day job”, but I am teaching two classes! Enjoy your day!!


Katie said...

Love those outfits!! Curious about the Praegers bites. Yum! I am working. Boo.

Brittany Dahn said...

Cute little outfits ;) I am working today, we don't get many of these random government holidays off. But I guess it pays off in the end because we get a long Christmas/New Years break.

Jenn (eating bender) said...

Love Kay's new outfits! The cutiesaurus might be my favorite. :) Those broccoli bites and that soup look amazing. I have been working today, as I'm racking up my hours for the week due to the Ragnar race that begins nervous! Glad to hear you had such an amazing weekend with the fam.

Stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

I've always been so curious about making cashew cream, is it a lot of work to make you think? It sounds so cool and so does the soup!

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl said...

Those little bites are SO neat! I know they are meant for kids, but I would totally eat those :).

Lauren said...

I love the shirt with the little pink dachshund on it!

Heather said...

Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday!!
And Kay looks so cute in pink. She should wear it everyday. :)

Julie said...

ahhh totallly in love with Kay's outfits and her slippers! I love baby shoes - aren't they just the cutest?! My bestie just had her bridal shower and I got her a onesie that has a bowtie attached hahaha - the kid's name is going to be Benji so I thought it fit perfectly. Also the little unborn kid got a boatload of football cleet slipper socks hahah

ANYWAYS! Hope you & the fam had a good half kind of day off! Mine was nice - I worked from home (not by choice haha) and made lots of delicious food!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

my boys love Dr. Pregers too! Especially the broccoli bites! Love her outfit with the slippers! too cute

Blond Duck said...

Is it sad I want to wear Kaitlyn's clothes?

Shannon G said...

YUM! what a great soup, and kay is such a cutie!!