Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Tap & My Fitness Role Models

Hello, hello! Sorry I’ve been more on the MIA side this week…too much going on. I hope you’ve been well.

I got a very nice break from the usual madness, and met Taylor (with Kaylin) at Black Tap Coffee in downtown Charleston.


The shop is hidden away on a side street, but it absolutely beautiful inside:


Taylor and I discussed our upcoming wedding dress race and sipped on almond milk lattes (I want another one right now!!).



I definitely plan to visit Black Tap again.

Black Tap Coffee on Urbanspoon 

The rest of the week has been filled with work, teaching, taking care of the peanut (who enjoyed a little pasta and turkey meatballs last night):



and I also got my hair done yesterday (very necessary).

Last week, I received a comment that made me smile and also got me thinking. Miranda said:

“I love your attitude towards fitness. It's so easy to get sucked into the mindset of having to have a six pack or be perfect instead of having fun!”

I couldn’t agree more. I think goals are fantastic. They help you determine how to get where you want to be.  BUT…I do think that on occasion we all have a tendency to get sucked into the vortex of I need to look exactly like this, or work out strictly according to  x, or eat strictly according to y….and it drives me a little batty.

I think one the best sources of motivation we can all have is a good fitness role model. While I have many fitness role models that I’m close to (specifically my Mom and some of the other instructors I teach with), I also have one “celebrity” fitness role model, the Program Director for Body Attack, Lisa Osborne.  Lisa is on the shorter side (like me), but she is ferocious when it comes to fitness! Here is a little video of her and some of the other male Body Attack presenters preparing for the filming of the latest Body Attack release:

Who is your fitness role model??


Simply Life said...

oh my gosh, I loooove those pictures of her! looks like she enjoyed her meal! :)

Heather said...

I used to love feeding Colin pasta - and I always stripped him down naked first, too! Sooo cute!
That's a great question. My fitness role model is my spin instructor, Jenn. She's badass, but also super crazy fun. She dances, sings, swears, all while teaching an amazing class - I love every minute of her attitude!

NewWeighofLife said...

Haha the picture of Kaylin after eating the pasta is awesome!! I loved giving John spaghetti when he was little too because he would do the same thing. My fitness role model is my former Weight Watchers leader, Carrie. She and I would workout together and I found her to be so motivating!

Kerr said...

You! I am super excited bc I worked my way up from girl pushups to real ones!

onannasplate said...

Ah, Charleston has the cutest little coffee shops and restaurants!

Love that question-- I have a yoga teacher who I started taking class from when I was pregnant, and have continued to practice with still. I just LOVE her outlook on life and fitness and yoga. She really seems to have a strong mind-body connection, which I really admire.

itzyskitchen said...

She sounds amazing! I love instructors that throw it all out there!

itzyskitchen said...

Awesome to have someone like that in your life!

itzyskitchen said...

I want to take a class from her!

janetha said...

ahahaha she is hilarious!! and i love that name for a coffee house.

Lauren Podolsky said...

Nothing is more rewarding than finding a new fun coffee shop!

Taylor Ryan said...

I need one right now as well! I love Black tap, but not as much as spaghetti and meatball night! Too cute. I have a lot of role models, one of the biggest being Muhammad Ali, such a inspiration and I love spending far too much time reading his quotes.

Krista said...

Just love those photos of Kaylin!!!

Katie said...

That picture of Kay makes me laugh every time I see it! Such a happy girl :-)

We hardly have ANY places that serve almond milk here... and you'd think NYC would have tons! They also charge $1 more, which is so mean.

Aggie said...

I like this question - it's going to make me think! :)

K is such a cutie!!

julie said...

totalllllly agree with the comment about your fitness attitude! you can totally tell that you love it and workout/teach because you feel like its fun - not because you feel like you have to! also i feel like you have so many adorable little coffee shop places by you! we don't have anything like that unless you count dunkin donuts...hahah. yayyy for meatballs! have a fabulous weekend girl!

itzyskitchen said...

you're the best!

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl said...

I love that there is a heart in your latte!! :)

Faith said...

I love the look of Black Tap - if I am ever in Charleston I will definitely ask you about the best places to go (and hopefully have a meet-up!) :) That is a great comment about your fitness attitude...and so true! Adding fun back into fitness makes it somehow feel more manageable/doable. And OMG, Kay looks adorable!!

Carolyn said...

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