Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Happenings & Pregnancy Update/VLOG- Week 37

Its been another nice weekend here at Itzy’s Kitchen. Friday night was a low key night with Josh (dinner & DVR). Saturday, I took Body Step in the morning and then headed to the farmers market with Mandi:



We took this beautiful picture of ourselves on my iPhone (what is going on with my hair??):


I came home from the farmers market with local hot Italian sausage for the man and a canary melon for us to share:


After the farmers market I got things done around the house (weeding, laundry, ironing, learning Body Pump & made my Dad a batch of granola). At night, we were supposed to head into Charleston for the River Dogs minor league game, but it ended up storming like crazy and the game got delayed. Instead, we had dinner at home and then went to Menchies! I got banana and vanilla yogurt with fruit on top:


Josh got the chocochella (nutella flavored yogurt) with Reese’s and fruit….it was gone pretty quickly:



Pregnancy Update- Week 37:


Full term! Feeling good- still teaching, working, etc. The only issue I’ve had lately has been with sleep. This just means I need to nap more during the day Smile. I got a few very sweet gifts this week that I wanted to share. First up, this little cupcake outfit from Laural (gotta love the butt):



And Mandi found maybe the best bib EVER:


Thank you ladies!!



What are you up to today? We’re off to brunch with my parents!

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