Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Minute Lasagna & A Winner

I apologize for being a little MIA! I planned to have a post up Wednesday, but got a little derailed! Peanut wasn’t moving pretty much at all on Tuesday and it was making me nervous. I called the doctor and they had me come in to get hooked up to make sure she was OK. Everything checked out fine and I even had some nice contractions while I was there!! In other news, I enjoyed this massive pickle on Tuesday:


It was amazing.

Josh’s parents moved close by this week and we are very excited! I knew they would be tired from all of the unpacking, so we invited Josh’s Mom and her best friend (who was helping with the move) over for dinner on Wednesday night. I had seen Tina make last minute lasagna a few times and knew it would be the perfect dish! I used frozen vs. refrigerated ravioli (just like Tina did) and the results were awesome (excuse the terrible picture, I was in a hurry!):


Since there were only four of us, I only used two layers of ravioli. It was VERY tasty and so easy! I served bread and a simple salad with add ins alongside:





We all had a great time eating and catching up!!

And the winner of the Attune cereal giveaway is ….Brenda at Fuel for Distance! Brenda- send your address to itzyskitchen at gmail dot com and I will get your cereal sent out to you! Congrats!!

Last, but not least, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Josh’s Dad!!!

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