Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grill 225 & Pregnancy Update/VLOG- Week 39

Hey All! I apologize for the lack of exciting recipes lately. As time ticks down to the peanuts arrival, there has been a lot of running around, easy meals at home, and even easier meals out Winking smile.

How has your weekend been so far? Friday night, Josh and I had an easy dinner at home and passed out early- it was wonderful. Saturday involved Body Step in the morning, catching up on work work in the afternoon, and going to Grill 225 to celebrate Josh’s Dad’s birthday at night. 


Since it was a birthday celebration, they brought out champagne for the non-preggers people to enjoy:


Josh’s parents:


Me & Josh:


We are huge fans of Grill 225- it’s the perfect special occasion spot! As I’ve posted before, my favorite thing is their amazing bread basket- especially their tomato focaccia:



For dinner, I had their side pasta with whole roasted garlic.


Josh’s parents and Josh had steak. We also had hash browns and Brussels sprouts.  For dessert, Josh’s Dad ordered the AMAZING peach cobbler (which we all split and couldn’t finish!!). They even made the plate extra pretty for his birthday:



Pregnancy Update/VLOG- Week 39:

Thank you all for your questions for Josh! He had a crazy/busy work week, but will be providing answers soon!

Excuse my sweaty picture:



Funny story: Josh recently traded in his hot two seater car for a more reasonable (but still hot) four door car. On Friday, we received an awesome gift from some of the people that have worked for Josh:


A second base for our car seat Winking smile! I think Josh will look like an awesome Mr. Mom with the car seat in the back of his new car. Thank you guys!!


As a fun side note, look what we pulled out of our garden this week!!



MELON! I am super excited.

What is your favorite summer fruit?

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Keri @ Blueeyedrunner said...

Oooh that birthday dessert looks wonderful! Congratulations on your pregnancy, although it looks like you aren't going to be pregnant for much longer!!!