Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bricco Bracco & Pregnancy Update/VLOG Week 31

Have you been enjoying your weekend? I hope so! Mine has involved a few great workouts (including Body Step with my Mom!!), yummy eats, baby stuff shopping with my Mom, and a date night with Josh. Josh was in the mood for Italian food, so we tried a new-to-us spot, Bricco Bracco (which apparently means this and that in Italian).  


 Although the restaurant has sort of an odd location (in a shopping center), the inside is beautiful and somewhat modern.  After we were seated in a comfy booth, our waitress brought us both focaccia and Italian bread and garlic dipping oil. It was very tasty! Josh preferred the Italian bread, while I liked the focaccia:


 The restaurant has great specials, local seafood, house-made mozzarella (!!) and has a very made to order approach to their dishes. For example, Josh liked the chicken in one of their specials (chicken stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella), but didn’t want it with the marsala sauce or the potatoes that came with it. He requested marinara and house-made pasta (regular and spinach) instead. The chefs were happy to accommodate his order: IMG_2229

 Although the marinara was a little bland, the homemade noodles were incredible. I stole a bundle of the spinach noodles- yum!

I was in the mood for a big salad with balsamic and olive oil. Lucky for me, they had a tri color salad with a large blob of homemade mozzarella! To beef it up a bit, I added local shrimp:


The mozzarella was incredible and the shrimp were super tasty. Josh and I will definitely be back!

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Pregnancy Update- Week 31:



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