Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spin/Hungry Girl

I went to spin this morning and my legs feel spectacular! I was excited to get my workout out of the way early! My dog is having some issues with his paw so I needed an open afternoon to take him to the vet!

If you guys do not receive the daily hungry girl email- you need to check this out. She lists some chain restaurant high calorie/high fat/high sugar counts for products you may be eating!


Sarah said...

Do you live in Pennsylvania?

I'm going to be in Allentown/Bethlehem next weekend for my cousin's wedding (my extended family on my mom's side all still live on the East Coast, in PA, NJ, and FL).

I haven't visited since another family wedding in '04.

A visit isn't complete without a trip to Dorney Park which is scheduled for Monday (my husband hasn't been but he's heard all my stories and I can't wait to take him!)

Erica said...

Hey! I actually live in MD now. I went to school in PA. That is a long trip for a wedding! I hope its fun :) I've never been to Dorney Park but a lot of my friends at school loved it!