Thursday, May 22, 2008

Broccoli dish

Good Morning

How is everyone? Hope you're having a good Thursday(almost Friday :))!! Last night I taught Turbo and then did some relaxing. I watched a good bit of the American Idol finale (is 2 hours really necessary?). What do you guys think about the winner? I was sort of indifferent this year. I liked the younger David and think hes a much better singer, I just have no idea what kind of album he'd put out? I think older David has a better shot at really making it. Anyways, it was nice to veg out!! I make bbq chicken last night with this broccoli bake recipe. The broccoli was good but I think it needs more almonds and maybe just a teaspoon or two of oil. I'm going to redo the recipe a bit and try it again. I will post it once I think it tastes right :)

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