Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Journey Cycling & Fitness & Cookies!!

I teach at a larger gym and love it! I know that the BIG gym environment isn’t for everyone, and even I, on occasion, prefer to go to a smaller studio (Bikram is my favorite). Today I tried out a new studio, Journey Cycling & Fitness (note: I decided to try this gym on my own and am not being compensated in any way).

According to their website: “We understand the world of indoor cycling and group fitness can be intimidating, but at Journey Cycling and Fitness Studio, we strive to make your experience as exceptional as possible while also providing a revolutionary full-body workout.” The studio offers spinning, boot camps, a variety of group fitness classes (including core, boxing, and yoga focused classes). They also offer nutrition counseling and seminars.


The whole studio is very modern, with exposed pipes and clean lines. The front desk (shown above) is very welcoming, with a large class schedule displayed behind the desk. The staff was super friendly and they offer a free class during your first visit.

I peaked into the spinning studio, which is gorgeous:



I needed a good stretch, and took a Mind ‘N’ Body class.


It was absolutely fabulous! My only complaint is that the group fitness area is on the small side. There were five of us taking the class and we almost completely occupied the space!

I would really like to go back and try a spinning class. If you’re in the area, give Journey a go!

On another note, my Tate’s giveaway is open until Friday at noon! All you have to do is leave a comment, linking to (or telling me about), your favorite cookie recipe. I’ve received so many fabulous recipes, I had to share a few:

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Biz said...

That's one class I still need to take at my new gym, I love spin class! Your email to me about my dog was so sweet Erica, I truly appreciate it! Give extra hugs to Frank tonight!

valsocal said...

I love that you have cycling and cookies in one post!!! My kinda post!

Singerinkitchen said...

I so cannot wait to get back to working out. Maybe I can get babysitters. You are an inspiration!

Heather said...

I love my spinning studio - it's so energetic and full of life!!

Taylor Ryan said...

Very cool, where is this!? I would be up to try a spin class sometime with you!

julie said...

COOOOKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! hahahaha I could really go for a big fat chocolate chip cookie right now like a HUGE one. And your cookie picture on the right hand side of your blog is staring at me.

What a fun studio! And that spin studio is gorgeous! The instructor is reallllllly on a stage!

Paige said...

I have spin envy! So many gorgeous bikes!

NewWeighofLife said...

The spinning studio is huge!! I love that! I think it's pretty awesome that they have nutrition counseling and seminars - I've never heard of a gym that does it!

teresa said...

this makes me crave a spin class, i miss going!

itzyskitchen said...

anytime ;)

itzyskitchen said...

hahahha- I totally thought about that while writing the post ;)

itzyskitchen said...

You're the sweetest! Thank you! How are you feeling?

itzyskitchen said...

Totally! Its in Mount Pleasant on Hwy 17

onannasplate said...

Wow-- love the look of that spinning studio! I bet it's fun to take classes outside of your work gym!

Lea said...

I hope that I can get to more cycling classes in the future. My gym offers it, but really early classes like 5:30am. But I do love music and working out, and I always see everyone in there having fun. Have you heard of Soul Cycle? It's the rave in L.A., sort of the new trendy workout happening right now.

Katie said...

Fun! I love spin, but I haven't done it in over a year. Wish there was a good place near me!