Friday, December 2, 2011

Granola Bar Cookies & Goals

Happy, happy Friday! I have lots of good stuff on tap for this weekend:time with my Mom, a member appreciation event at the gym, an instructor party, fun dinner with family/friends & football! What are you up to?

Thank you all for your cookie suggestions! I have about 10 new recipes book marked to make! I think I have finally decided to make a sunflower seed cookie. I ordered red and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Now, I am deciding between making Jenna’s awesome Sun Butter Cookies or my granola bar cookies. I made a batch of the granola bar cookies again yesterday to help me decide (I used regular sunflower seeds since my chocolate covered ones haven’t arrived yet):



I still can’t decide!

Since December 1st has come and gone….it is goal time review again! I’m only listing the goals I hadn’t met in the beginning of November or goals that are ongoing:


  • Get at least 75 grams of Protein a Day- Yikes….I’m hitting more like 50
  • Drink more water!  At least 80 ounces/day (extra is required for breast feeding & working out) Still meeting/exceeding!
  • Eat more complete meals. Doing it!
  • Lose remaining pregnancy weight gain by Thanksgiving – I didn’t meet this one…BUT I only have four pounds to go.  I’m setting my new goal as January 15


  • Slowly increase Body Pump weight back to pre-pregnancy totals by end of December . Only have to kick my squat weight up one more notch and I’m backkkkkkkkk….I’m going to try to hit this on Monday
  • Take a Bikram yoga class Not yet


  • Stress less about the little things- enjoy every moment with Kaylin! Definitely continuing to meet this one. I love feeding Kaylin. Shes so peaceful and happy. I also like taking walks & naps with her!
  • Make sure Kaylin gets in tummy time and a book reading every day. Doing great!
  • Continue to meal plan and cook nutritious meals at least 5 of 7 nights a week. SLACKED in November. Lots of guests in and out meant a lot more meals out. Refocusing for December
  • Purchase furniture for living room. I have it down to a few options. However, we did buy ourselves a Christmas present (new TV and book cases), so this may be on hold for a bit
  • Pick out paint color and paint two walls downstairs Not yet
  • Have a “date night” in or out with Josh (and Kaylin) at least once a week. Josh and I had an awesome solo date night! Hoping to have one this weekend too.

How are you doing on your goals? I plan to reset these and come up with new goals at the end of the month.

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