Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cookie Exchange

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared at the end of last week. Josh had been on travel all week, so I was playing single mama (props to all the single moms out there- boy is it tough work) and I was getting ready for my cookie exchange. Anyone else have trouble guessing how much food to make for parties? I always over do it and was trying to really be right on this time. For the twenty ladies and few peanuts we had over, I put out crackers and cheese (no picture), meatballs:


Hummus & Veggies:


Chips & Salsa


Chocolate mint M&M & sun butter cookies, pumpkin bars and TJs eggnog covered almonds:


Fruit & fruit dip


and tortilla rollups (tortillas topped with whipped light cream cheese, turkey, spinach & light mozzarella cheese (no pick):


In the end, I had too much food Smile. But, I did better than I usually do!

For the exchange, I made sun butter cookies (Jenna’s from Eat Live Run!) with red & green chocolate covered sunflower seeds:IMG_3162

My final plate (I some how missed a few of the cookies on here):


We had a blast! A big thank you to my Mom who helped with prep, clean up, and taking care of Kaylin during the party!! And Josh for keeping Frank busy & helping with clean up. AND my Aunt for helping with clean up. Y’all are amazing!

What do you have on tap this coming week? Usual over here! Work/teaching at the gym/Kaylin/Josh/Frank!

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