Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend & Post Pregnancy VLOG

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! We have definitely been enjoying ours and have been adjusting into our new roles as Mom & Dad Smile.  Friday night, we had my parents and Josh’s Mom over for dinner. Saturday was cleaning & errand day. At night we went to dinner with Josh’s Mom, sister & her boyfriend. Overall – just wonderful!

Post Pregnancy Update/VLOG:

Post partum picture- 5 days after having the baby (they say you would look about 5 months preggers when you leave the hospital):



What are you up to this Sunday?

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Julie said...

okay so i know 25 minutes doesn't sound long but to me it seems like FOREVER haha. maybe because she came out so fast that means that she's going to be some epic amazing olympic track runner and she can go to penn state on a full ride and run for their track team. hahaha look at me plan her life!

i want to know how frank is adjusting! does he have the green eyes of envy??!

love you lady!!