Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spent Grain Granola & Amalfi’s Review

First things first, I got the most AMAZING package from Heather- a few bags of her Spent Grain Granola (granola made from spent grain leftover from brewing beer). She sent me three flavors:


The granola has amazing texture and a very unique taste:



I love them all, but the chocolate cherry is my favorite! Thank you so much Heather!!!


Last Thursday was our 4 year anniversary. We decided to go out to dinner with our Mom’s and take Kaylin out for the first time. We ended up going to Amalfi’s- it was my first time there, but Josh and his Mom had been there earlier in the week for lunch.  The restaurant is on the smaller side, but has two levels. We ended up eating upstairs in a corner (where people were less likely to bump into/touch Kaylin). We started off with their bread:IMG_2633


The bread tastes like pizza dough (and very well may be). It was very delicious. They provide olive oil & balsamic for dipping.

Since I’m able to eat feta again….I can’t stop eating it! I ordered a Greek salad (at an Italian restaurant) with chicken on top. I got the house dressing on the side. It was tasty (as you can see I dug in before taking the picture).


Josh got the chicken parm (his go to) and really enjoyed it. I tried the side pasta which was simple, but well done. Josh loved his dish.


I had heard very mixed reviews about Amalfi’s, but we enjoyed it.

Amalfi's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

How is your week going? Mine is going well! Starting to VERY slowly ease back into some movement/low low exercise. I also am getting into the swing of this whole Mom thing! Kaylin has been a fabulous baby so far. I love waking up to her little face each and every day!

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