Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taco Casserole (Healthier!!)

Yayyy for it already being Wednesday night! This week is flying by! Work today was great but really busy! I went to Body Pump after work and then taught Turbo Kick. It was an intense but fabulous workout! I came home to a husband in pain :(. Josh's back is giving him major issues and he was couch bound pretty much all day. To try and cheer him up, I made a healthier taco casserole. Before I give you the recipe, I served the casserole with some of the multi grain tortilla chips I pictured yesterday. They are a little on the high end for calories (even though 1 chip is huge), but they are totally delicious. Snyder's is making all sort of multi grain products, for nutritional information and ingredients- check out the Snyder's of Hanover site here. Onto the recipe:

1 package lean ground turkey (about 1 1/3 pounds)
1 packet taco seasoning
1 8-oz can no salt added tomato sauce
Frozen vegis (corn, peas, green beans, etc- whatever you want)
1 can vegetarian refried beans (or whichever kind you like best:)
1/2 cup low fat mexican cheese blend
tortillas to line baking pan


Brown ground turkey, drain any fat. Add in tomato sauce and taco seasoning, cook for 2-3 minutes. Place tortillas in the bottom of baking pan. Add in turkey mixture:
Top turkey mixture with frozen vegis:

Top vegis with refried beans (I put down lumps and then carefully spread it out):
Top beans with cheese:
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes:

Enjoy! This is a great dish with lots of leftovers. Keep in mind its not lowwww calorie, but its much healthier than other taco casseroles. Enjoy! Do you guys like the step by step directions or do you just prefer a recipe with a final product picture? Let me know!!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Glad to read that your busy day was STILL enjoyable; but so sorry that Josh isn't feeling well!! Hope he gets better soon!!

I like the step-by-step photos!! :0)

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

Unknown said...

i wouldn't have thought to line the dish like that, awesome! I like some pics of the prep, although I often forget to do that!! Hope Josh gets "back" at it, soon :)

Fitnessista said...

hope josh feels better soon!
that recipe sounds amazing!! thanks for posting it!'hope you have a wonderful night

HangryPants said...

oooh very interesting! Get well soon, Josh.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea... and I would use the MSF crummbles and top it with little guac! Thanks for the recipe!

Danielle said...

Get well soon Josh!

What a great recipe, thank you! I like the listed steps just because I'm a very big directional person :) but the pictures are my favorite part. YUMMM

Esi said...

I like the step by step pics too. Hope Josh is feeling better soon!

Jenn said...

Poor hubby -- at least he had a tasty meal to cheer him up. :)

I'm happy with photos or just the recipe. I'm easy. (Okay...that may have come off wrong. lol.)

Anonymous said...

Mmm Mexican food is always so delicious...taco casserole sounds great! Have a good one! :)

Erica said...

VG-Thank you! And I hope you enjoy your Thursday!

TTFN-Yes! I love the tortilla trick, it makes clean up so much easier.

Fitnessista-No problem, thank you!

Hangry- thank you !

SNL- What are MSF crumbles??

Danielle- Thank you!

Esi- thanks for the feedback.

Jenn- haha, are you now?

Jenngirl- I agree! I'm always up for mexican food!

carla said...


Not that I have an opinion.


Anonymous said...

I would never have thought to put green beans in a taco caserole, but it looks like a good idea. As always, thanks for the great healthy recipe.

Bridget said...

You know I woke up not feel all that great, but for some reason that casserole is making me hungry!! haha.
Step by step with photo's along the way is way better and more fun to read!
I have to make that sometime!

Lori said...

That is great with the added veggies. I'd never thought about doing that with a taco casserole. Thanks for sharing!

Samantha said...

That looks great! I like the step by step photos. I hope your man feels better soon.

Becca said...

I'm definitely a visual learner so steps with pics are great :)