Monday, September 8, 2008

Turbo Launch/Whole Foods!!

Phew! I can't believe it is only 8 pm! I worked today and then launched the new Turbo Kick with Jill. The class went pretty well! I realized I need to work a bit on a few of the sections :) Afterwards, I hopped right in the car to drive 2 hours to my training location. Traffic wasn't too bad and the coffee I picked up made the trip feel quick :). I checked into my hotel and then got right back into the car bound for Whole Foods! I was thrilled to be there and couldn't wait to buy a bundle of the bars I had wanted!! I picked up the apple and blueberry kids Z bars. A banana nut bread and a peanut toffee clif bar. A clif nectar cacoa dark chocolate walnut, a jocalat chocolate hazelnut, and a coconut cream pie larabar! Also, in the edge of the picture is some dried pineapple.
I also made a salad and purchased a whole wheat roll to go with it.

My room is really nice! The hotel is connected to a big shopping plaza with plenty of places to eat and a STARBUCKS! I am def hitting up the bucks for a misto before training tomorrow. For now, I think its just about time for a shower. I don't get MTV in my room (only downside) so I will have to watch the Hills tomorrow! What are you all doing tonight?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hooray for Turbo Kick and WHOLE FOODS!!!

Glad that the hotel is nice!!

Tonight = I'm working on a paper that's due on Thursday, and watching 'Gossip Girl' (although I think we both know which one I'm paying more attention to, haha).

HangryPants said...

Love the looks of that salad. My favorite whole foods roll is the one with the cranberries in it.

Tonight I am vowing to go to bed before midnight! That's what I'm doing.


Unknown said...

oh, whole foods, how i cannot wait to be in one again :) even if it's for the bulk oats!!

Unknown said...

i love your whole foods purchases!!! that coconut larabar is glorious :D

glad you like the hotel! what is your training for???

have a great night!

Jenn said...

Bummer about the Hills. I take it your DVR is set though, right? ;) I'm such a sucker for that show.

Nothing too exciting tonight...just watched the US Open final (I love tennis), ran, wrote some and now it's time for reading and bed!

Looks like you'll be stocked up with tasty foods for the training. Oh, and congrats on the new Turbo Kick. The first time through anything is always the most challenging! :)

Bridget said...

Love The Hills! What is this turbo launch thing your doing??

Samantha said...

I love WF salad bar - they offer the best selections. Enjoy your training and being walking distance away from a Starbucks.
Are you teaching the newest round of Turbo? That round kicks butt!!!