Tuesday, September 2, 2008

26 :)

I <3 working at home! Today has been wonderful so far! I started off my day with a turbo kick workout at home. I worked for a few hours and then ran to starbucks. I asked the lady if they had the pumpkin spice latte yet (my favorite!!) and she said they were bringing it out starting tomorrow. I gave a very sad face and she decided to make me one, one day early! Hooray!

A few minutes after I got back from bucks, the surveyors arrived and went through the whole house. When they were all done, I made some lunch black bean dip and vegis and a chobani yogurt. The chobani is seriously the best yogurt ever!

I just wanted to share a few of the wonderful presents I received today. A few cooks tools a few fun things!! First, a potato ricer! I can't wait to try this out! This will make the gnocchi making process much easier! Thanks Mrs. S!
Second, a new Vera! Thanks Mama!
Bulldog rain boots. I have wanted these for a while! Thanks Jenny, Jer, and Jus!
Pancake batter dispenser- Yes!! Thanks Mrs. S!
How is everyone's work day going?


Jenn said...

I LOVE those rain boots. And I'm jealous that you get to work from home, but HELLO?! It's your bday, so live it up! Drink that pumpkin spice latte! :)

Esi said...

I'm sooo jealous you get to work from home! Happy Birthday!!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad that you're having a great day; and hooray for great presents! :0)

Today was my first day of classes - not bad, so far! I have 2 more, and then it's off to dance for MANY hours :0)

Anonymous said...

Awesome......keep it going! :)

Anonymous said...

fun presents! love the rainboots...happy birthdayy! :)

Unknown said...

happy birthday!!! love all of your gifts :D
i totally forgot about pumpkin spice! i LOVE that flavor.. ooh i'm so excited :D
enjoy the rest of your day! can't wait to see what kind of birthday cake/treat you will be having :D

HangryPants said...

Today is your birthday? I missed that. Happy Birthday!!!!

Love the boots with the doggies. :)

Anonymous said...


Wow, those are some suhh-weet presents! I'm so glad you've been enjoying your day so far! Working from home is a HUGE bonus!

Erica said...

All- thanks for the best wishes :) It was so great to work from home! I got so much accomplished both work wise and home wise. Yayy!

VG- glad school went well!

Unknown said...

A little belated but happy bday! ooh, a ricer :) i've debated whether or not to get one of those... you'll have to report back on how it works!

Samantha said...

Sorry I am a day late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love the boots!! and the Batter Dispenser.

Quinn said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Welcome to the 26 club! Your gifts look awesome - I love the boots.