Monday, September 15, 2008

Pot Stickers and Vegis

Hope your Monday went well. My day was busy work-wise. It looks like I have to travel tomorrow, but just for the day (yayyy!). Aside from work, I got in two hours of workout time today! I did 1 hour of Turbo Kick at home and then took Body Pump! I don't think I'll be able to fit in gym time tomorrow, so I was excited. During the day, I found Frank laying in the funniest position with his messed up teeth sticking out. I thought he looked like a jack-o-lantern. A face only a mama could love :)

Dinner tonight was fabulous and super easy! Since the Eagles are on, I knew I had to throw something together quick, so I made up potstickers. I made Pork and Vegi's for Josh and regular vegi's for me. They were wayyyyy yummy.

I also stirfryed up some fresh pea pods, baby corn, and pineapple. mmm mm

Lovely dinner :). I forgot to report the other day that Pineapple Express was pretty good. Not a fav, but I'm glad I saw it! What are you doing tonight?


Esi said...

Sometimes those quick ones are the best! I'm going out to one of my favorite restaurants. Something I never do lately! :) Have a great night

Anonymous said...

Yummy potstickers, those look good :)

Pineapple Express was pretty good, but you MUST see Burn After Reading!! So good.

I'm spending a quiet night in the dorm, watching some good tv shows...Oh what an exciting life I lead ;)

Bridget said...

Oh my god your dog is soooo cute!! I cant even stand it!

I've never seen those potstickers before...I'll have to keeo my eye out next time I'm in S& those things!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Despite the busyness, I'm glad to read that your day went well.

Frank is TOO CUTE!!! :0)

Oooh, love the pea pod, baby corn, and pineapple mixture. Yum!!

Good luck traveling tomorrow!!

Unknown said...

oh no, i can love that face, too!!! Are you an Eagles fan? Yeah for body pump :) Mmm, how were those potstickers??

Jenn said...

I just want to hug Frank.

Tonight I went for a walk, wrote some and now I'm about to read! Oh, and I munched down some homemade turkey chili. Gotta love the fall!

Anonymous said...

Those look great. I think the Stop and Shop NAtures Promise brand is so great and I am always recomending it!

Samantha said...

Your dog is way too cute!! I have never tried potstickers - are they any good? Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

I love Frank!
Have a safe trip tomorrow!
Tonight, I'm eating carrots and hummus even though I'm full. :)

Anonymous said...

Love Frank!!

Love pot stickers!!

Love that baby corn, pea pod and pineapple stir fry!!

Are we seeing a pattern? ;o)

carla said...

You so wrong ;)

I love that face as well.


HangryPants said...

This dinner looks so good. You got those pot stickers at Stop and Shop, right? I am going to have to look at mine, but I've never noticed them!

Anonymous said...

Potstickers looked tasty! Cute dog btw! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you need to stop putting up pictures of Frank IMMEDIATELY because otherwise I might have to come and dognap him!!!!

HAHA, we always say that too about Baylee since their faces can sometimes be....unpretty :) It's a face only a mother could love!

2 hrs of workout time?!? I'm jealous!

Lori said...

Oh, Frank! What a model! He is just the cutest.

Love potstickers!

Unknown said...

i <3 frank
he is so stinkin cute! :D
the potstickers look fabulous.. i love easy, fast and delish dinners like that!
have a wonderful day

CECIL said...

I should check out that brand of pot stickers! The few times I attempted to get them, it always turns out kinda weird looking. But yours look delicious!!

Erica said...

Esi-Yes! I agree! I hope dinner was delicious!

Jenngirl-really? I haven't heard anything about that movie yet so thank you for the review! Enjoy school while you're will miss even the silly things once you're gone :)

Bridget- Thank you!

VG- Thanks! Yes the fresh fruit/vegi mix was the best part of din din in my opinion!

TTFN- Josh is from the Philadelphia area so hes a big fan. I am too, by marriage :) I'm really a pats fan though ;)

Jenn- mmm turkey chili! Haven't made it in forever and must do so soon!

Sports/Hangry- I think my grocery store is owned by the same company S&S is, but I wish it was an S&S

Sammie- Yes! Pot stickers are fabulous. Like a ravioli with dif filling (if you boil them like I did).

Mark- thank you!

Melissa- You know I love me some wrinkles and I know you do too!

Cecil- If you have a S&S or a giant near you, you should look for that brand!

Lori- Thanks

Gina- Yes, Quick and easy is always a nice way to go!

Erin- At least it was something healthy once you were full :)

jenn/mizfit- thank you thank you :)