Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mid week fun

Hope your Wednesday went well! Work today flew by! I was so focused on my project, I hardly noticed the time! After work, I did the usual house clean and some ironing and then ran to teach turbo. Class went really well but I am excited to roll out the new round next week! After class, two of my favorite students invited me to dinner. We went to a restaurant close to the gym and I ordered a massive salad. It was totally delicious. They were very sweet and treated me to dinner! I then came home and prepared the gnocchi for Josh! I had a little sampling myself because I had to see how it was. The taste was great, a cross between mash potatoes and pasta. Josh said they tasted exactly how he remembered. The texture was a little off (a little mushy) so I am excited to give it a second try and adjust the ingredients. Anyone have any suggestions? I think having the potato ricer will make it a LOT easier.

I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already! I am thrilled that the work week is almost done! Next week I have training for the majority of the week so you will probably see a lack of recipes! I will try to take pictures of what I eat out at dinner!


Jenn said...

I tried gnocchi in Italy and it was amazing. Not a clue on how to cook it myself though. :) Do let us know how it goes. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Gosh that gnocchi looks so good! I have never had it before but it sounds amazing. And how fun that you were treated to dinner! You must be quite the teacher :o)

Anonymous said...


are we supposed to vote? if youre allowed to go to the training or not?

Miz., who ADORES the gnocci. love.

Samantha said...

That was nice of the girls to treat you to dinner. Your gnocchi look good, that is something I have not attempted to make. Good luck experimenting.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Aww, so lovely that your students treated you to dinner!!

I've never made gnocchi before, but I've eaten it, haha ;0) Sorry that I can't make a suggestion on how to improve the texture!


Becca said...

I have got to try gnocchi one of these days.

That was so nice of your students to invite and treat you to dinner, you must be a kickass instructor! Wish Icould check out a class! I have the turbo jam dvd but I get too distracted and bored when I use things like that for exercise :(

Unknown said...

hopefully one day my students will like me that much and take me to dinner :D that is very cute!
i loooove gnochhi but have never attempted to make it. yours looks wonderful!!!
have a great day!

Esi said...

I love gnocchi, but have never tried making it before. I am sure the ricer will help. I am obsessed with cooks tools!