Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moz Sandwich

I ate so many fruits/vegetables today, I may just become one! I started off the day with a half a banana with peanut butter, next I had an apple. For lunch, I had a sweet potato, carrots, and yogurt. For a snack I had a tortilla with a tad bit of peanut butter. For dinner (see below). I had an open faced tomato and mozzarella sandwich, carrots, and pineapple. I also had some pumpkin seeds. It was a healthy and clean day of food! This afternoon I took Body Pump and taught Turbo Kick. Tonight will consist of learning a lot more Body Step and helping Josh finish up his work for the week....and perhaps some organic fat free frozen yogurt ;). What is everyone doing this weekend? We are going to my cousin's wedding!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hehe, I definitely SHOULD be a fruit or vegetable by now, with the amount of produce that I eat :0D

Samantha said...

I have 11 squash in my fridge & I do not want them to go to waste so I have been eating squash twice a day. Good thing I love veggies!!

Anonymous said...

Mm tomato & moz sandwich is a great idea! Hm, I wonder what tomato & goat cheese would be like?! That's what I have in my fridge, haha.

HangryPants said...

Sounds like a delicious day. I don't have any formal plans for the weekend yet, so I guess lots of relaxing. Have fun at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

please come here this morning and teach me TURBO KICK.

Im longing to skip the workout ;)


Erica said...

VG haha, I bet! That is so good for you though!

Sammie- Twice a day! I hope you're finding some fun squash recipes :

Jenn- I bet the goat cheese and tomato would be totally delicious! Go for it!

Hangry- thanks : Enjoy your relaxing.

Mizfit- no problem...I will be at your house in 10 ;)