Monday, June 23, 2008


Yayy Monday is over! I started my day off with some Turbo Kick practice then onto a busy day at work. After work, I ran some errands, did some house work, and then practiced a little bit more Turbo. I also went to Josh's softball game. They won and beat a really obnoxious team, which was awesome. Afterwards, I made delicious pizza with reduced fat mozzarella cheese, broccoli and chicken. It was so yummy. I wanted to make it on the grill, but it started pouring right after Josh's game!


Anonymous said...!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

haha oops, that was me - pushed enter before i could put in my name! :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm delish! what kind of dough did you use? yum!

Erica said...

I cheated and used that Pillsbury refrigerated dough. It was ok- next round I'm going to make my own dough! What kind of dough do you use on your pizzas?

Fit Bottomed Girls said...

I seriously wish I was eating that pizza for lunch today. Instead I have a can of soup. Sad.

Thanks for checking us out, by the way. :)