Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hello All!

Sorry for being MIA again! We had a very busy weekend! We went up to PA for a wedding (for one of Josh's best friends from high school). The wedding had a hawaiian theme and was very laid back! Here are a few random pics:
The guys (the groom is in front in the white hawaiian shirt, Josh is in the back in the redish hawaiian shirt):
This is a more natural picture of the guys:
The ladies (most of whom are now wives or soon-to-be wives, I did a repeat dress for this wedding since it was low key (I'm in the brown dress I wore to my cousins shower ;)):
The wedding was great. Afterwards, Josh and I spent the night at the hotel where we were married last August. It was wonderful to be back! In the brief probably 10 hours that we were at the hotel, they had two weddings! We drove back tonight and had delicious salads for dinner. I marinated the chicken in light caesar salad dressing and then cooked it in the oven (I planned to grill but it started to down pour). I also made some homemade croutons mmm... What'd you all do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

looks like such a fun weekend AND very cool to return to the scene of the crime :) (marriage. whatevs)


Anonymous said...

That wedding looks like a lot of fun!

I know this was a while back but I just checked my spam and for some reason one of your comments was in it! To answer your question about microwaving egg whites, literally all I do is stick the Egg Beaters egg whites into a bowl, then stick it in the microwave for about a minute. I take it out and move it around if it hasn't cooked all the way, then stick it in for another 30 seconds or so. You can also stick cheese or whatever you want in there at the beginning and it will cook inside of it!

Let me know if that made sense :o)

chandra said...

I love Hawaiian themed ANYTHING. :) How fun!!

I did a whole lotta nothing this weekend. It was great.