Monday, June 16, 2008

Sicky/Chicken Apple Sausage

My throat hurting and nose running started during work today :( I haven't really gotten sick since I got my tonsils out about a year and a half ago(before I got my tonsils out I had a cold almost every other month). Since then I have had about two mini colds- achy throat and runny nose for about 2 days. I am hoping this is another mini cold :)

Any who, enough whining, I tried aidell's chicken and apple sausage after reading about them on another blog. I grilled them up (they cooked wayyyyy fast) and served them up on buns with a side of fruit. They were very tasty , but a little breakfasty for dinner(not that I don't eat the occasional breakfast for din din :)). I am going to try a more savory chicken or turkey sausage, maybe next week!


Sarah said...

Aie, feel better!! The runny nose/sore throat combo is the worst.

You know what you need tomorrow morning? A steaming bowl of oatmeal to warm your tummy and make you feel good.

As my mom would say, sleep good.

Anonymous said...

They don't sell this brand by me :(

I hope you feel better!!

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better :(

i think i love this sausage b/c its sweet, but the other flavors are yummy too!

Becca said...

Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

aw im sorry youre sick. my allergies are acting up and these itchy eyes are killing.

I dont have those sausages, either. i will live vicariously trhough your blog until my neighborhood grocery comes to its senses.

Erica said...

Thank you all for the well wishes :) I am feeling a bit better. I came home a few hours early from work which def helped!

Melissa/Every Gym's- I can't believe they don't carry these! What jerks. I heard that if you put a suggestion into management at a store about a product you want, they may decide to carry it. Maybe worth a try?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the chicken and apple sausage.


you feeling better today?