Friday, June 6, 2008

To weigh or not to weigh/Exercise-a-thon

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday afternoon! I am getting ready to let loose and call it the weekend! I just finished reading MizFit's posting. In it, she called out this posting which discusses how often (if ever) one should weigh themselves. I consider myself a pretty healthy person but I can definitely (on occasion) let the scale dictate how I feel. So, in the honor of setting goals, I am going to try to eliminate weighing myself a few times a week and limit myself to one weighing a week. I will let you know how this goes. Speaking of goals, I have really kicked my diet coke habit (so far:))! I have only had diet soda one time per week (when we go out to dinner) for the last three or four weeks! Hopefully I can continue this!

Tomorrow I am going to what I can best describe as an exercise-a-thon. It is a day when a bunch of group fitness instructors get together to preview some new routines! I am very excited but sort of nervous, as it is my first one. I will let you know how it goes :) Sunday we are going to a wedding. Hopefully I will have some fun pics from the weekend!


Anonymous said...

have fun (at both!) cant wait for all the 411 from the 'thon.


Anonymous said...

wow the exercise-a-thon sounds AWESOME!!! have tons of fun :)