Sunday, June 15, 2008

MD Crabs/BS Launch

Happy Sunday! I was planning on going to the pool today but its looking pretty cloudy out :( Hopefully it will clear up! It has been a wonderful weekend! Friday night, Josh's Mom, Dad and sister arrived! We out for an awesome dinner of MD crabs. We also had some delicious (unhealthy) sides including hush puppies. Below are a few pics from dinner. Our friends Matt and Melanie also came with us!

Crabs with tons of Old Bay:

Josh's sister and I outside of the restaurant:Josh's mom, sister, and Josh getting ready:

Josh's Dad and I:
Melanie and I:
Josh and Matt:
mmm Hush puppies:

Saturday morning we launched a new Body Step. We had a red white and blue theme (which worked out well since it was Flag Day). Sorry the pics came out blurry for some reason. Setting up:
The four instructors:
Still looking cloudy, maybe I will head to the gym instead of the pool. Hope you have a great Sunday, I should have a food post up tonight! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there-especially my awesome dad and Josh's dad!


Anonymous said...

yummy looking crabs - old bay is my fave!

love the blue & red theme for body step - how patriotic :)

Sarah said...

Nice pictures of your family! Looks like a great dinner, I remember hush puppies from my childhood on the East Coast. :-)

Have a great Sunday Erica!

Anonymous said...

oh man, i havent had authentic hush puppies in a long time.

your gym pictures made me laugh. no one in my gym even talks to eachother, let alone does any sort of fun things like dressing up.

im lucky if someone makes eye contact.

Erica said...

Every Gym's-
No one talks at your gym? Thats awful! The gym is suppose to be a friendly place- ridiculous!

chandra said...

Oh, great, now I want hushpuppies.... :) YUM.

Anonymous said...

how cute are you!


Cookie Sorkin said...

So Josh's dad was SO Happy to be spending fathers day weekend with his two daughters!!!
And hope all are aware that the publishing writer/photographer just happens to be the best daughter in law in America.

Love you Erica,
Your other mother