Monday, April 30, 2012

Parent Time

Josh, Kaylin & I were lucky enough to have dinner at both Josh’s Parent’s and my Parent’s houses this weekend. Since they had prepared all of the food, I brought both sets of Parents tulips:



At my Parent’s house, we had shrimp cocktail and wasabi peas to start. I am a wasabi pea addict Smile



I adore my Parent’s house…their backyard is so peaceful:


Kay seems to like it too:


For dinner, we had steak, corn on the cob (I took a picture of both that didn’t come out too well) and amazing strawberry spinach salad:


My Mom had watermelon for dessert, but everyone was too full! She gave me the mini watermelon to take home and I can’t wait to eat some today. Kay even joined us at the table:


Dinner at Josh’s Parent’s house was equally as wonderful! Josh’s Mom set a beautiful table:



For dinner, we had fresh fruit, big salads & crab cakes:



and homemade apple crisp and cinnamon ice cream for dessert:


I feel so spoiled after such a yummy weekend!

Outside eating Winking smile, I got in a couple nice runs and walks, ran errands, and cleaned! What did you do this weekend?


Danica @ It's Progression said...

apple crisp is thee best.
this weekend I had my first wedding dress fitting-was a lot of fun!

Aggie's Kitchen said...

I just love when fruit is set out so pretty on a plate like that, no fuss, just delicious fruit!

got so many ideas from your 2 the wasabi peas in bowl, what a fun snack when people are over! and I am loving those fresh peas on that salad...(I love peas I guess! Lol)...peas on a salad remind me of salad bars, I need to do that at home :)