Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Food

Monday, Monday! Today, I am teaching Body Pump and then I have errands and baking to do. My new schedule means my “work week” starts on Tuesday, so I am trying to get a chunk of my to-dos done today. How about you?

Yesterday was a good one. I went to the gym in the morning to take a CX30 class (soon to be called CXWorx). My head group fitness instructor was filming her certification video. CXWorx is Les Mill’s newest class that focuses on the core. Its 30 minutes and totally rocks.

When I got back to the house, I got our football food together. I made chili and pumpkin chocolate chunk bars:



I served the chili with jalapenos, cheese, and Chobani plain Greek yogurt:


J’s bowl:


Josh’s Mom brought over cornbread and an amazing fruit tray!



I had a little chili on top of a salad with fruit and cornbread (plus about 3/4 of the remaining fruit tray and more cornbread Smile):


Love football Sunday’s! Josh’s Mom & I are looking for some cool appetizers to make for next football Sunday. Any ideas? Any links? Please share!


Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

Hm, do you know why they're changing the name? I haven't taken it yet, but I'm excited to!

Have you posted the recipe of those bars? know I'm an itzy bar fan :)

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