Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pumpkin Spice & Goals

Pumpkin seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. While I love all things pumpkin, squash, and apple… I am not ready for fall- I am a summer baby all the way! Luckily, SC weather isn’t anywhere close to ready for fall either. I hit up Starbucks this morning for my first (of many) pumpkin spice mistos! I get mine with two pumps of pumpkin spice (I think four is over kill) and loved every sip.


There have been a lot of posts floating around about goals and getting back on the fitness train. As I am working off my remaining pregnancy weight, I decided it was about time for me to set some goals! I loved how Heather laid out her goals, so I am going to do something similar:


  • Get at least 75 grams of Protein a Day
  • Drink more water!  At least 80 ounces/day (extra is required for breast feeding & working out)
  • Eat more complete meals, less random snacking
  • Lose remaining pregnancy weight gain by Thanksgiving (~8 lbs to go! Post Pregnancy updates will be monthly now)


  • Start teaching Body Pump and Body Step or Attack by the end of September
  • Slowly increase Body Pump weight back to pre-pregnancy totals by end of December
  • Focus on increasing running endurance- complete the two races I signed up for in October
  • Take a Bikram yoga class


  • Stress less about the little things- enjoy every moment with Kaylin! I didn’t buy her this onesie….but I am pretty sure she loves it. The bottom picture is blurry, but captures her smiling:




  • Make sure Kaylin gets in tummy time and a book reading every day
  • Continue to meal plan and cook nutritious meals at least 5 of 7 nights a week
  • Get back to work work (mid September)
  • Purchase furniture for new screened in porch and living room
  • Pick out paint color and paint two walls downstairs
  • Make weekend “dates” to see friends
  • Have a “date night” in or out with Josh (and Kaylin) at least once a week

There you have it!!  Do you have any goals right now?

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Maria said...

I am ready for pumpkin! Great goals!! I should set some soon but right now my only goal is to have a healthy baby. I am just waiting:)