Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cookies & Cheese

Not together of course Smile 

Halfway through the work/school week! As always, hoping your week is treating you well!! I taught Body Pump for the first time post partum on Monday. Class went really well and it felt good to be back! I’m going to have to totally revise my teaching schedule, as Kaylin can’t be in daycare at the gym until she is three months! What have you been up to so far this week?

On Sunday, we had friends over for football. Part of our food spread included two homemade cookies and a cheese/fruit/salami/cracker platter. I always like to try new cookie recipes, and this time was no different! I made Joy of Baking’s chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks:


And Brandi’s Browned Butter Cookies with chocolate chunks (yes, I am obsessed with chocolate chunks vs chips Winking smile).  I always wondered if browning the butter REALLY made a difference…and it does! The cookies have a great, caramelized taste.



All together now!


Along with the cookies, we had subs and a cheese, fruit, pepperoni and cracker dish. The cheese/cracker dish was part of a Sargento cheese taste test (disclaimer: a stipend was provided for free as a part of the Foodbuzz taste testers program). According to Foodbuzz & Sargento:

“Sargento is cut from 100 percent natural cheese and is never processed. It contains only natural ingredients (milk, cheese cultures, enzymes and salt) and is tested by professional fromagiers (cheese graders) to ensure high quality.”

I purchased Sargento Pepper Jack Cheese:


And a processed Pepper Jack cheese. I placed both on a platter with cheese parings:


I wanted to taste test the cheeses, but it appears as though Kaylin has an issue with dairy and has tummy troubles every time I consume it Sad smile. The doctor believes this could be because I’m lactose intolerant! More to come!! Luckily, Josh and three of our football guests handled the taste testing for me! They tried cheese A (Sargento) and cheese B (processed).



Josh preferred Sargento…but our three guests all preferred the processed! The reason was that they all thought that the Sargento was a little too SPICY for them! But, they all agreed that the Sargento (cheese A) tasted like a better quality cheese. Thank you Foodbuzz and Sargento for the opportunity to do the cheese test! What is your favorite kind of cheese?

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Biz said...

Lactose intolerant? Oh no! Don't let it be so - I can't imagine a life without cheese!

Glad your class went well - I guess I never realized that infants couldn't go to the gym day care - she'll be 3 months old before you know it!