Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Simple Appetizer, Cookie Friday

Hey guys! Sounds like you all have some wonderful weekend plans and that a lot of people are going to just be relaxing (hooray to that!). I hope to get lots of relaxing in too.

After work yesterday, I grabbed a quick snack and headed to the gym. I took Body Flow and then taught Body Attack. I flew home to shower and prep my appetizer for the going away party we were having for one of the group fitness instructors. Although I am very sad that she is leaving, I am super excited for her. She was unhappy in her job and sad because she was living so far away from her family. As a result, she quit her job, is moving closer to her family, and is pursuing personal training.

My appetizer for the party was inspired by a recipe Esi posted for Caprese Skewers. Since I couldn’t find the smaller balls of mozzarella, I decided to do a Caprese & Salami platter (mozzarella and tomatoes topped with basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil, S&P (the picture below is pre olive oil/vinegar) and salami on the side):

I also wanted to let you know that I participated in Tina’s Cookie Friday. I split this Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie with Josh:

Enjoy your Saturday! I am off to teach Body Step and then am making my weekly food store visit. Hopefully after that we will be headed to a new local waterfront park!
Added to Note: Gina (the fabulous Fitnessista!!) has a new website and its not automatically updating in your google reader. Make sure you add her new website to your google reader!


Ada said...

Aww, it's always hard saying goodbye to somebody. I'm glad you participated in cookie Friday!! Whole Foods vegan cookies are the best:)

Have a nice Saturday!!

Ashley Lauren said...

Mmm, I love tomato and mozarella in the summer time!! Have a greatday :)

Krista said...

Love the appetizer platter. Bet that was a hit!

Enjoy that waterfront today...

Lauren said...

Yay for cookie Friday. I participated in Fro-Yo Friday which was just as good. I love having a reason to eat cookies at the end of the week.

Hope you and Josh have a wonderful weekend planned!

Anonymous said...

That cookie looks delish! Have a great weekend, Erica!

Melissa's Journey said...

AH, that cookie looks so good....thanks a lot, now I need to have chocolate with my breakfast :)

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Yay for Cookie Friday! I think they need to turn that into a national holiday--I didn't have a cookie, but I had a piece of zucchini cake! :-)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Those vegan cookies from WFs are amazing! I've tried the sugar free vegan ones before and they remind me of cookie dough - too delicious!

I'm glad that your coworker is perusing what makes her happy! Your appetizer looks great - love caprese!

Hope you have a great Saturday!!

Mrs. LC said...

I LOVE WF's vegan chocolate chip cookies!!! SO AMAZING. I had a huge craving for one last night.

Anonymous said...

yummm!! I have been hunting for WF's vegan cookies! Although I still celebrated without one ;D

Have a great weekend Erica!

Holly said...

Mmmm, that cookie looks a-mazing! I've never had WF cookies. Might need to particpate in Cookie Friday next week. :-)

have a great Saturday, girl!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I always have a hard time finding smaller mozzarella balls too! Looks like you did good though.

Priyanka said...

Oh yum! I love your appetizer plate! looks so fresh!

Esi said...

That looks like a great take on the skewers. Have a great rest of your weekend. Mine is another busy one!

Fitnessista said...

i looooove those wf's vegan cookies!
what a classy and easy appetizer choice :D
hope you have a wonderful saturday!
thank you for the shout out and helping me spread the word <3

Anonymous said...

Mmmm cookie Friday! I love that concept.

It's so hard to see fellow coworker friends leave - yay for her for following her heart, still hard for those left behind!

Chef Jeena said...

Yum looks lovely! Have a great weekend. :-)

Lizzy said...

Aw goodbyes are so hard, but atleast she'll be doing something she loves and being close to her family! :)

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

I love WF vegan choc chip cookies!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

I LOVE whole foods cookies!!

Alison Can Read said...

Cookie Friday is a great idea! WF makes great cookies - it's hard to screw up chocolate chip

Yum Yucky said...

Mozzarella YUM!

vanillasugarblog said...

My Sat was crazy, just now checking the email. Sun is a slow day for me and most of it will be at the gym. Ahhhhh. I always look forward to my sundays at the gym; I'm there 3 hours doing weights and having a killer workout, plus my gym is nice and dead midday on Sunday.
Was that cookie from Whole Foods good? I always wonder if the vegan ones are tasty.

Tina said...

Yum!! I will post your cookie next Friday for inspiration! :)

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