Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekly Workouts & Meal Plan

How are you? Hopefully you’re having a good weekend. My heart goes out to all those impacted by this terrible tragedy in Connecticut. Occurrences like this will always boggle my mind….How could someone do such a thing?

On a much lighter note, I used to share my weekly meal and workout plan, but got out of habit. I enjoy seeing others post this information because it always gives me great ideas, so I figured I’d try to start doing it again.

Weekly Workouts (note: these are on the heavy side right now because we have a few injured instructors and one that just gave birth so I am subbing a good chunk):

  • Friday: Taught Body Attack
  • Saturday: Taught Body Step
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Teach Body Step
  • Tuesday: Teach Body Attack
  • Wednesday: Teach Pump
  • Thursday: Run

Meal Plan:

  • Friday: Grilled chicken salads (Josh and I are sort of on a salad kick- favorite add ins are cheese, mini cucumbers & avocado)
  • Saturday: Out! Not sure where yet
  • Sunday: Stuffed shells & salad
  • Monday: Leftover shells
  • Tuesday: Tomato soup & grilled cheese
  • Wednesday: Black bean burgers & pineapple rice
  • Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (omelets or pancakes)

What are you eating this week? Any fun workouts planned?

Today has been a really fun day so far. Kaylin woke up early and sat on/pushed around her new bike from impatient Santa who brought it to her early:


Then we headed to the gym where I taught step. I brought Kaylin in the room early to help me setup and she decided to try it out herself:



IMG_2689Future Les Mills instructor!  My WONDERFUL friend Amelia came and took class and we hit up Starbucks after. She brought Josh and I the BEST Christmas presents including jam from North Carolina (nom nom), a Starbucks card (best gift ever), and beer! Thank you so much girl!

Rest of the day is pretty open (Kaylin and I are hoping to take Josh on a surprise mini trip). What are you up to?


purelytwins said...

Kaylin is soo cute, definitely a future instructor for sure~

Amelia said...

Thanks E! Love you guys to pieces. :)

Kay is def a future instructor, especially with all of the music she listened to in the womb for 9+ months. How cute is that bike?!

Candice said...

Kaylin is SO cute! future instructor for sure! You have lived behind the mic this week! Got to love the life of a gym instructor!

Sarah Seals said...

So cute!!! I love her hair bow. I can't get mine to keep one in any more.
Give her lots of love and hugs this weekend :)

Paige said...

Kay could rock that step class! ;)

Biz said...

That teaching is intense, but maybe you'll be able to indulge more this holiday season! Aw, baby K is a future instructor - love it! (and she does better on the step than I do!) Hope the surprise trip works out!!

auntie j said...

ohh!!!! a surprise mini trip!??! HOW FUN! i hope its to ny to pick up your future SIL! hahaha. hmm today i finished ALL of my xmas shopping and now i'm about to cook up some goods for the week. and post my weeks menu plan :) yay! haha enjoy your mini trip :) xoxo

Lauren Podolsky said...

Girl, you were a teaching machine last week! And little K looks like she is a Les Mills instructor in the making. :)

itzyskitchen said...

Hooray for finishing the shopping! I took Josh on a trip to search for new bedroom furniture! He has been wanting to get it for a while and I've said nahhh

Heather said...

Oooooooooohh, fun - did you go on the special trip??!
I don't have anything special planned for this week - but the weekend coming up is going to be so busy. I have a family wedding and baby shower!

Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life said...

She's so cute!! Have fun on your mini-trip!

itzyskitchen said...

We did! Went shopping for bedroom furniture :) Josh has been wanting to get new furniture for a while now. Have fun this weekend! Always love a good family wedding

Katie said...

Look at your baby stepper!!! So cute.

The only meal we have planned is leftover Indian food for tonight.

Have fun on your trip!

Steph @cookinfanatic said...

Love the menu plan - esp the stuffed shells! Haven't had those in SO long, yum!!

Miz said...

GIRL I LOVE THAT CHILD. she's so so so stinkin' cute.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh i see a trainer in her future! She is a natural on the stepper! LOL!

Renee@Mykitchenadventures said...

I can never get enough of your adorable child! OMG...she is just so stinking cute!

Aggie said...

Oh how I love the Big Wheel!! Lots of great memories on that little bike!
I love when you post your meal plan, I always get great ideas.

Faith said...

Oh my gosh, I love how Kay is already a little stepper, lol! She is too cute!

I love reading workout and meal schedules...definitely inspires me! I need to be more on top of my game and start making a meal schedule again! :)