Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As I mentioned before, Josh didn’t feel good on Thanksgiving (he had a tummy bug). He was totally bummed that he missed one of his most favorite meals of the year. To make up for it, I made a second Thanksgiving this past weekend (Joshgiving).

Our meal included appetizers, pretzel chips with hummus:


And puff pasty/goat cheese appetizer that my Mom brought.


I also made butternut squash with sage:


Roasted Brussels sprouts (excuse the weird picture taken pretty early in the morning):


Turkey breasts (I made two):


My Dad teaching Josh turkey carving methods:


I’m not sure I made enough turkey for 8 people ;)


My Mom’s cranberry sauce (my most favorite part of every Thanksgiving/Joshgiving meal):


I didn’t get a picture of Josh’s Mom’s stuffing, but it was so yummy.

For dessert, apple crisp:


double chocolate chip cookie dough balls:


Success! I think everyone was nice and full after the meal. Someone was a little irritated they didn’t get any:


What is one of your favorite meals?


Christina said...

You're such a good wife. I am going to come to you in the future for lessons, hahah! That squash looks SO SO SO good.

itzyskitchen said...

;). The squash was awesome! Simple dishes are always my favorite

Averie Cooks said...

You are so sweet to re-create the day! And Wow, loving everything you made, especially the cookies! :)

Heather said...

I LOVE pretzel thins with hummus - so delicious!
My favorite meal is breakfast - pancakes are my most favorite EVER. :)

Krista said...

Looks like Josh didn't miss out after all!! :)

Erin said...

Awwh Erica - you're so good to your man

Candice said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal for sure!
You are one amazing wife! That looks awesome, can I come to the next joshgiving?;)

candice said...

I don't know why my name didn't link to my blog? oh well. xoxo

Stephanie said...

How cute is "Joshgiving" I love it!!! Looks like a most fabulous spread of food and that sage squash looks so tasty! My fave meal each year is our Xmas eve dinner, called Wigilia in Polish, where we have 7 dishes that are some of my faves and remind me of holidays growing up when my grandparents were still around :) pierogi and sauerkraut for the win! ;)

Stephanie said...

It's cookinfanatic btw - my iPhone hates me today ;) !!

auntie J said...

oh ohh! your dad and deej carve turkeys the SAME WAY!!! did he learn from Bobby Flay?? haha two years ago Deej and I watched this food network special where Bobby taught us how to slice turkey into amazing thick slices and it's totally changed my love for turkey to even greater :) someday when we're SILs I'll participate in Joshgiving hahaha

Renee@Mykitchenadventures said... sweet you are for giving Josh the Thanksgiving he missed! Racking up those "great wife" points! lol

itzyskitchen said...

haha. Thats awesome, but I doubt he learned it from Flay. My Dad is a meat master. He knows how to cook and cut any kind of meat.

Katie said...

Fun treat to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! I bet Josh was over the moon.

AnneMarie@New Weigh of Life said...

Aww I love how you gave Josh his very own Thanksgiving! One of my favorite meals is Chinese food!

TryingToHeal said...

Ah, what a great meal for Josh to have since he had been sick on the holiday!

Kalli and Bill said...

i love this post@ i tried to comment at work the other day but i could not :( Love that you were able to celebrate and love the pic of you pooch-adorable!

Cait's Plate said...

Oh my gosh you are too cute!! Love that Josh got his Thanksgiving celebration - and ending on that photo of Frank is too perfect :)

Jenn (eating bender) said...

What a delicious Joshgiving! As I said before, you are one awesome wife to create another Thanksgiving meal since he was sick the first time around. I could really go for some of that butternut squash, apple crisp and dough balls. YUM! And Frank cracks me up. :)

Maria said...

How fun! Everything looks amazing! Lucky Josh:)

Paige said...

You are so freaking sweet, Erica. Lucky Josh!! :)

janetha said...

awww you are amazing!