Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend & Coleman Public House Brunch

A little late to the game…but here is what happened this weekend:

I went shopping…for myself! This rarely happens these days, but I picked up three tops, two tank tops and some under items:


We took our yearly trip to the SPCA to make a donation. This is Kaylin’s second trip with us (finding this post reminded me that we’ve gone twice this year ;)):


   I wanted to take this cutie home:IMG_2619




We had a couple delicious meals out, including brunch at Coleman Public House with our good friends Bryan & Mandi. Josh and I LOVE CPH, but had never had their brunch until this past weekend. We started with their rosemary popcorn. I have blogged about this popcorn before….it is the BEST! I could eat it every night:


I got the no frills breakfast with scrambled eggs, sourdough toast and fruit. Very yum! Josh got the pancakes (I forgot to get a picture) and they were FANTASTIC!


Coleman Public House on Urbanspoon

I ran 10 miles! I am training for something…but refuse to talk about it because I’m strangely superstitious. I did 7.5 with Kay in the stroller, followed by 2.5 on my own:


Kaylin’s Mimi & G-Pop got her a kitchen for Christmas! Josh and I (mostly Josh while I distracted Kay) put it together. Her favorite features are the microwave and telephone…:


I finally got my ornament package together for Christina’s 2012 Ornament Swap:



Hope my ornament buddy likes the package!

What did you do this past weekend?


Lauren Podolsky said...

Wohoo! What a FABBulous weekend! Kay is looking so freaking adorable as usual and congrats on the long run! So exciting you have something on tap, whaterver it is. :)

Blond Duck said...

I had my art show! :)

Joelle ( said...

Love that ornament! It reminds me I need to visit Charleston again soon.. Last time (and only time!) I was there was in March and I've been dying to return ever since. I especially want to get back to the Hominy Grill. :-)

Christina said...

omg i want those cookies!!! yay for your partner!

Amelia said...

Seriously, Kay is cute as a button! Love her. :) I bet it is so fun to watch her play with her kitchen. Great gift!

It looks like y'all had a fun and relaxing weekend. Not much going on over here. I did some holiday baking on Sunday while watching football.

Simply Life said...

ooh that popcorn does look so good!

Heather said...

Oh my - that popcorn looks amazing!
And I love the ornament swap party idea. Sounds super fun!

On Anna's Plate said...

I love the sweater with the bow on it-- too cute! Glad y'all had a good weekend!

auntie j! said...

this is SO fun!!!!! hahahaha i'm so in love with Kay's Kitchen - wouldn't that be a cute name for the Brinner sister restaurant...hahah yeaaaaaah :) anyways smart girl choosing the microwave and phone - sounds like she's ready for college! your ornament package looks PERFECT! and i can't wait to hear about what you're training for! xoxo

janetha said...

yay glad you shopped for yourself! loving all the stripes!

Shannon G said...

ah, you're making me want a doggie!!! so cute. fabulous loot, and good luck with the training ;)

Jenn (eating bender) said...

So much to love in this post! Your new clothes are super cute, and so is Kay's new kitchen! I adore the red color. :) That popcorn also looks amazing and I have no doubt your ornament buddy is going to enjoy your package. Yum!

Stephanie @cookinfanatic said...

Omg that kitchen set, so legit I love it!! Glad y'all had a great weekend :) I did a few barre classes and drank (too much?) wine at a super fun Xmas party haha whoops!

Cait's Plate said...

That brunch looks FANTASTIC!!

natalie@thesweetslife said...

good luck on your training!

i want that popcorn!

AnneMarie@New Weigh of Life said...

Good for you for going shopping for yourself! You have to treat yourself every once in awhile. Good luck training!!

thehealthyapron said...

Haven't checked in in awhile! Your little one has gotten so big! Mine is almost going to be 5 months old! They grow so fast!! Yours is a doll!