Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coffee with Chocolate & Carrots!!

How has your weekend been so far? Have you entered my coffee giveaway yet? If not, you have until Sunday at noon! Our weekend has been wonderful. Josh’s birthday is on Sunday, and we’ve already started celebrating. We went out to dinner on Friday with friends and family and have a lot more planned.

This morning, I started my day with Caroline from Chocolate & Carrots at Troubadours:


Troubadours is a relatively new spot and I really liked it. They have coffee, espresso, tea, hot and cold drinks and food. They even had samples at the counter:


I ordered a soy café au lait. It was delivered in an adorable mug and was maybe the best café au lait I’ve ever had!


Aside from a great beverage, I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with Caroline. She is 24 weeks pregnant and looks absolutely adorable.


Troubadours Coffee House on Urbanspoon

After coffee, Kay and I went for a four miler. She slept the whole time Winking smile:


Now, I have errands to run and a few things to do around the house. Tonight, we’re going to dinner at one of Josh’s favorite spots!

What are you up to?

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