Sunday, April 17, 2011

E: Weekend & Pregnancy Update VLOG

Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend is treating you well. As I mentioned in my last post, we have some guests in town this weekend and have been spending lots of time with them. Friday night, Josh, myself, his best friend from home, Andrew, and another friend, Jeremy, went to Fleet Landing in Charleston for dinner. While most of the food was just average, their hush puppy appetizer was ridiculous! Three large hush puppies stuffed with lobster and crab. I had a few bites and they just melted in my mouth!

  andweekend 005

For dinner, I had a shrimpy salad:

andweekend 006

Andrew & Jeremy:

andweekend 007


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Saturday was filled with gym time, errands, a little work work and relaxing. At night, we met up with Josh’s parents, his sister & her boyfriend at Vickery’s. Mike & Jenny:

  andweekend2 001

Josh’s parents:

andweekend2 002

Andrew, Me & Josh:

andweekend2 003

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

andweekend 001

andweekend 002

We finished putting together the nursery furniture (minus the glider which we have yet to order):IMG_1824



and VLOG #2:

What are you up to today?

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Corey @ runners cookie said...

Aw what a fun weekend with family and lots of guests! Hope the crazy weather doesn't hit you too hard today. The nursery is looking super cute - must be so fun to be getting everything ready! LOVE the 2nd vlog :) You are such a happy, calm, and beautiful pregnant lady! Have a great day, Erica, and thank you SO much for all of your well wishes about monday.