Friday, March 28, 2014

Five (IV)

Friday again! I swear…I will post more often at some point…but, for now, another five on Friday! This is my fourth Five on Friday post and includes five things I’m loving right now:


1. Pop Chips! I won a three month supply from this awesome blog and we’ve been working our way through the boxes of pop chips. Josh likes the plain, Kaylin loves the sweet potato, and I can’t get enough of the sour cream & onion:



2. Evolution Harvest Freeze-Dried Fruit. I’ve been getting these on occasion for Kay when I stop for coffee at Starbucks. They’re a great grab and go healthy snack. She loves them, especially the strawberry/blueberry.


3. Brunch out. Brunch is my favorite meal to eat out. My go to spot will always Charleston’s Cafe. However, we tried Page’s Okra Grill this past weekend and really enjoyed it. Sadly, the owner passed away this week. If you’re in the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area- give Page’s a go!




4. Body Step! We launched Body Pump & Step last weekend and I adore the new step release. The music is fantastic and the athletic options make the release TOUGH.


5. Stroller runs with friends. Running with a stroller definitely makes me feel strong! Running with another mom with a stroller makes it even better. My friend Trish & I always call ourselves the stroller mafia haha. I have recently been running with Caroline too. Such a great way to catch up with friends and the kids totally keep each other entertained.



What are you up to this weekend? We have a fun supper club event, I’m teaching Step, and have a couple runs planned. Otherwise?

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